Monday, August 25, 2014

Could it be That Facebook Has Been Untruthful?

I've been checking out my daily hits because Facebook says only 8 people reached or 9 people reached.  They want me to 'boost' my readership by paying them.  Sorry, FB, I'm not interested in having the world love me.  Just interested in the those who are interested.

Just to see if what they say is true - the hits on the blog site are much higher than FB records - I have not been posting when I write a entry on FB for the last three additions.  Should I be surprised that the stats they reveal to me are incorrect?  Most of the hits my blog gets is from FB readers that go to my blog when I write that I posted.  Some days it's well over 150.

My blog took a hit when I did this experiment, but now I know the truth is not always out there.

I have a lot of work in the kitchen today so there won't be a post until later.  But, you can read the last three posts that you weren't aware of.

Stay safe.

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