Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This Week's Accomplishments

What a week it's been.  It went by quickly.  I did accomplished a few things this week.  I've been active with two days of resting.

1.  Saved a number of beans for seed.  I have well over 100 seeds for next year.
2.  Sowed some bean, pepper, cucumber seeds in a small pot to see if the seeds are viable.
3.  Pulled the bean plants.  I have to get more organic soil to amend what is in the garden so I can plant the winter crops.  Spinach, beets, carrots, and lettuce.
4.  Picked a few peppers.  The plants are slow growing but well worth the wait.
5.  Made 3 more jars of pickles.  That brings me to 21 jars from my one plant.  I have 12 cucumbers left in the refrigerator which will be shared with a couple of friends and family.

This time I used quart jars.  I packed them tightly, but the cucumbers shrunk quite a bit.

6.  Swept the garage.
7.  Cleaned the birdbath and outdoor furniture.
8.  Weeded the garden and watered the plants.
9.  Rearranged the guest room.
10. Stopped at a farm stand to buy strawberries, peaches, and apples.  The strawberries will be frozen to make jam in the middle of winter.  I'll can the peaches today.  The first crop apples are being saved to make a crisp on the first day of September.  Then a bunch of applesauce.  All of these things will taste real good in the dead of winter.
11.  I hung a picture in the master bathroom.  That bathroom is a work in progress.
12.  Peeled bean casing off of the seeds.
13.  Saved more cucumber seeds.
14.  Helped out an ill family member.

What did you do this week?  Climb the Empire state building?   Or maybe a mountain?   Whatever it was, your contributions are much appreciated by those in your circle. Hearing from you in the comments section would be uplifting to me as well as others who may be struggling.

Stay safe.
This is Marley.  The picture is purely for your entertainment.  She doesn't like her picture taken so I had to be patient until I could get a good shot.

'It doesn't get any better than this' .  This plaque is a reminder to me about how good life can be. 
This is what the beans look like when they are ready to be picked for seeds.


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  1. Hopefully, other readers will share, too! This week, I...

    Made a big pot of my "beefy lentil" mixture that became a meal of spaghetti with sauce, a meal of chili, 6 stuffed peppers, enchiladas and Sloppy Joes, so 5 different dinners from just over 3 lbs. of lean ground beef and 2 cups of dry lentils.

    Got fresh O.J. and duck eggs from the Farmer's Market.

    Pre-cooked breakfast sausage links so we can have a super fast "breakfast for dinner" this week; saved the liquid (I brown and then sort of poach them) for a soup base to freeze for later.

    Did laundry.

    Played "tourist" with my hubby over the weekend... we went antiquing and watched whales spouting in the distance. Nabbed 2 Hawaiian shirts for him at $10 each.

    Read a great book.

    Began organizing Christmas gifts already bought to wrap and send out early (saves on shipping).

    Rested. Haven't been feeling very well. :-(