Thursday, August 14, 2014

This Week's Accomplishments

Time is going so fast that it's difficult to remember this week from last.  Who am I kidding, there's times that I have to reflect on what I did yesterday!  Tee Hee.  I know I will miss a couple of things, and I may even put one in here that I posted last week.  It's OK if you just pass by it without reading.  After all, I will never know!  (I'm in a humorous mood.  This mood has always gotten me in trouble when I was a kid.  My humor tends to be rather dry.)  Come to think of it, it has gotten me in trouble within the last few months.  Oh well, life goes on.

1. Dusted the hardwoods.
2. Froze four packs of beans.
3. Made bread rolls.
4.  Bought the grands some back to school clothes.
5.  Bought a rug for the master bathroom that matches.
6.  Watched organizational videos and am finally getting the hang of it.
7.  Reorganized the bathroom cabinets.
8.  Now that I found the paint color for the powder room, I have redone some of the decorations in that room using things I have on hand.
9.  Canned four jars of cucumber salad to be used for the holidays.
10. Cut the grass, put down moth balls. (to keep unwanted critters from liking my yard.)
11. Cleaned up Marley's garden 'gifts'.
12. Cleaned the table top bird bath.
13. Watched my neighbor put up my flag.
14. Had my hair cut.  (My daughter is a stylist, so it's very easy to be relaxed as she does it at her house.
15. Packaged up the seeds I dried.
16. Fermented cucumber seeds for next year's crop.
17. Mailed four packages at the post office.
18. Visited the doctor for an annual checkup.
19. Bought a new printer.
20. Three loads of laundry.
21. Froze tomatoes from my daughter's garden.
22. Fermented tomato seeds for next year's harvest.
23. Dried pepper seeds for next year's harvest.
What have you accomplished this week?  I love to read your comments, so don't be shy.  God bless.  Stay safe.

The seeds I've dried so far.  When they are all picked and dried I will put the paper sacks in a Food Saver bag to keep them safe from deteriorating.

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