Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breakfast Was Fit For a Queen

I feel like a queen this morning.  No I did not win the lottery.  I'm not wealthy in terms of cash and assets.  I feel like a queen because of this morning's breakfast.  A queen couldn't have eaten better food.  A queen most likely would have wanted a fancier meal, I like my simple rustic meals.

I fried up some green pepper strips in olive oil and butter.  The peppers came from my organic garden, the butter from the milkman's farm and the oil straight from Italy.  What a difference in my peppers compared with grocery store ones.

The egg came from the milkman, too.  Free range and yummy.  I added a slice of the rolls I made this week with just a tad of home made peach jam.  The combination was delightful.

I can afford to eat like this because I have altered my eating habits.  I decided quite a while back that I was tired of being sick.  I was tired of being over weight.  I was tired of remembering what food use to taste like.  I had my fill of junk foods.  I wanted to taste good food again.  In order to do that, I had to eat less.  I slowly decreased my portion sizes, a tablespoon at a time.  If I ate less, I could afford good foods. 

Let me put a disclaimer in here.  I am not a food Nazi.  It doesn't matter to me who eats what or when.  When you have a growing family there are times you have to buy what you can afford.  I also still eat junk food from time to time.  My weakness is a good jelly donut.  I can't seem to resist a good donut.  Or sometimes I crave bread dough fried and rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  I'll eat a half a loaf of bread when I make those.  I'll eat it with no guilt.  It's somehow satisfying to me.  So, no, I'm not perfect or bragging.  Just happy and content.

The scrambled eggs and peppers were a quick and easy breakfast.  While the peppers were cooking I cleaned up the dishes from a project I did this morning.  I ordered my milk for the week, and checked out Facebook.  Since the pan was already hot from cooking the peppers, the egg only took a minute to cook while the bread was in the toaster.

Other foods I eat for breakfast often are oatmeal - nice and runny with lots of salt- soft boiled eggs and Special K or Cheerios cereal.  Once in a while I add bacon to the meal, but not often, only when I crave it.  I do small tasks while the food is cooking, then sit down to eat, adding a cup of coffee when the meal is gone.

My health has improved tremendously.  I sometimes wonder if the health epidemics in this country aren't due to the additives manufacturers put in our food.  The additives are there to extend the shelf life, not to keep us healthy. 

I also eat carbs.  The ones I eat have no additives.  My blood work has never been better.  So I urge you not to follow fad diets and to check out the contents of your food.  If you can't pronounce it, try to stay away from it.

A few good snacks are:
Sun Chips (No additives)
Name brand cream cheese (no additives)
Crackers (read the ingredient list)
Block cheeses ( The shredded kind has cellulose in it -wood shavings- to keep it from clumping  Even the brand name cheese has wood shavings in it.
Carrot sticks
Celery sticks
Pepper strips
Other raw veggie
Potato chips with only three ingredients, potatoes, salt and oil
Ice cream, read the ingredient list

My food bill for two weeks is approximately sixty dollars.  I do have to tell you I'm not a big meat eater.  If I were my costs would increase.  I'll also say that my bill (for one person) only increased around four dollars with changing my food choices.

Garden peppers frying in olive oil and butter.  Try it, you'll like it

The cooked meal.  Eggs, peppers and home made bread with home made peach jam.


  1. Looks good and tasty, I get my butter from a local dairy and it is sublime.

  2. I cut down my use of butter by loads so I could afford the dairy butter. And by loads, I mean way big loads! My kids were noticing how much I used on things and actually said something to me. That's an unusual occurrence.