Friday, August 15, 2014

Shelves and Seeds

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I bought a shelf for the garage to get things off the floor.  Another reason I bought it is to be able to park my car in the garage during hurricanes and hail storms.  Like most people in the South, my car is normally parked in the driveway.  People use their garages down here for -among other things - a man cave.  It's not uncommon to see big screen TVs and a kegger sit in a garage when you pass by.  The door is wide open and the men are hooting it up while watching sports on the TV.

No man here, so I craved organization.

This pile of plastic became...

This organized unit.

I placed it on the back wall so there would be room to get out of the car.  All it took to put it together was a picture for instructions and a hammer to pound the stilts in.  Yes, I do use bug spray.  I live in the South where there are spiders that could kill a person.  The spray is used as a first line of defense.

When I finished this project (and cleaning the garage) I relaxed and turned....

into this.  A handful of radish seeds were harvested from a few of the pods on the radish plant I let bolt and go to seed.  I have more that I harvested earlier.
I surprise myself every day with the things I'm willing to learn.  Lots of yootoob on a subject, and I have gained confidence with projects I never imagined doing.

Stay safe.


  1. I sow radish to let it run to seed, the fresh pods are brilliant little pops of flavour in a stir fry. I have never dried any out to save the seed but it makes perfect sense.

  2. Thanks for the idea. When the fall crop comes out I will use the pods. In soup? Will that work as well?