Monday, August 18, 2014

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Sunday was a relaxing day.  I don't normally go out on the weekends because there is so much traffic in my area when everyone is off work.  The crowds make me nervous, so I stay in the house.  I have all week to go out to get groceries or do errands, so I don't stress about driving on the weekends.  I will venture to one of my daughters' houses, though.  Offer me a free meal and I'm there.

I spent the afternoon cruising the internet.  I found a couple on yootoob who had one of the first HGTV shows, Mat Foxx and Sherry Hillar.  After watching a few of their videos I subscribed to their channel so I can watch more the next time I want to relax.  I love their comfortable decorating style and miss their input.

I also found a recipe for rosemary tea.  A year or so ago I bought a tea ball because I wanted to start drinking herbal teas.  Teas that I grew in my garden.  I forgot about my mission for one reason or another.  Yesterday I was reminded.  There's a couple of precautions you have to take when preparing the tea.  One is not to use too much rosemary.  I used half a teaspoon for an eight ounce cup.  Then the post warned not to reuse the rosemary because it can get bitter.  Other than that, you can enjoy the healthy properties of rosemary tea.  The health property it's known for is protecting the memory. A touch of honey and I was a happy girl.  Let's see if it works!

Remember that bathroom shelf I bought this past week?  I took the time to put it up in the powder room.  Other than paint, that is just what the little room needed.  I gathered things from around the house to decorate it.  That morning I read a post on one of my go to blogs that reminded me that I could decorate with greenery.  (link below)  I clipped a couple of small branches from the bushes in front of the house and added a bit of water.  I can continue to do this when the clippings die off.  Thank you Prudent Homemaker.

The shelf has two drawers and three hooks.  The wall stencils are from the Dollar Store.  The rest of the items I had around the house.  It's difficult to see, but the greenery is already starting to turn red - orange.  Other signs of an early fall include the geese that have been flying overhead in formation.

This is the only area that has anything on the walls.  My husband picked out the butterfly picture around eight years ago and a friend sent me the needle work picture as part of a new home package I received.

Link to Prudent Homemaker's blog site  The post about greenery is the second one.

In this video Sherry Hillar  makes  a decorative pillow cover.  The perfect frugal way to change the look of a room with season changes.


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