Sunday, August 3, 2014

Look what I Did- All By Myself! And Other Things I Did This Weekend

I am stoked.  I put up pendant lights over the counter in the kitchen.  I read the directions, checked that I had all of the parts, got out my flat head screw driver and tape measure, and started.  When I was having a difficult time figuring things out I sat back and relaxed and looked at the pictures and figured out what items were.  I now sit back and look at my finished project with wonder.  It's hard to believe I did it all by myself!

Since the outlets were already there, it was a matter of exchanging a light bulb for the light kit.  I didn't get into heavy electrical stuff.  I have a kitchen light too, which I will ask my son in law to install.  Still, it's more than I thought I was capable of.

I felt like this when I bought a bed side table from Wal Mart that I had to put together.  That project took me two days of reading and trying this screw with that part.  Sometimes the pictures can be confusing with the dotted lines and arrows.  What happened to using words in the instructions?   So I walked away from that project too.  I went back when I had a light bulb form over my head, seeing exactly what I had to do.

Here they are.  The weekend project.  My new pendant lights.

I also figured out what to do with my bill corner.  A while back I decided I didn't want to get a desk for the office.  That room is empty.  My daughter suggested I put my printer in my bedroom closet instead of going up the stairs just to print something.  That made sense to me, so I put the printer in the large walk in closet in my first floor bedroom.  It's on the floor, but I only need to bring the cord around the corner to plug it in and use the printer.  On one shelf I also had file boxes with paperwork in them. 
It hit me this weekend (two and a half years after I moved in here.) to put all of the mail on that same shelf.  It was one of those 'Could have had a V8' moments.  The picture below is the result of my decision.  No more paper work in the kitchen.
My 'bill corner' after I made the move into the closet.  I'd be too embarrassed to show you what it looked like before the move.  It was just plain ugly.
Basil I dried and pulverized today.  My jar is filling up quickly.

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