Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This Week's Accomplishments

How does someone miss huge cucumbers on the vine?  I found three this morning that have been there all along.  Two that are huge and one that's very big. 

This week's accomplishments please me.  I have been active which makes me feel one foot isn't in the grave.  My lazy week a while back made me wonder about that.

1. Made a cucumber salad from a recipe a friend gave me.  The brine is warmed before it's mixed with the cucumbers.  This does something nice to the salad.  It can be frozen, but I'm thinking I'd like to can it for winter.  I can take out the seeds from my huge cucumbers and use the flesh.
2. Picked and froze 4 bags of beans.  A number of the beans are still on the vine so they will grow into seeds.
3. Watched a yootoob video about how to save bean seeds.
4. Cleaned away the paperwork on the kitchen counter.
5. Put up lights.
6. Went to a home store and purchased a flag for the front of my house.  We can put up a 3x4 flag.
7. Decided on the paint color for a couple accent walls in the living area to complete the last step of completing the cozy feeling in my home.
8. Two loads of laundry.
9.  Cleaned the wood floors.  Today I need to vacuum the bedroom rug.
10. Went to the grocery store and found peaches on sale as well as strawberries.
11. Took my daughter to pick up her vehicle from the mechanic.
12.  Attended a 31 party.
13.  Met a neighbor and yakked for an hour and a half.  This is a big deal for me because I pretty much stick to myself or family.
14.  Watched it rain for three days and three nights.  Praying there is enough drainage in my garden so the plants don't die.  Still watching.
15.  Froze tomatoes from my daughter's garden for sauce in the cold of winter.

What did you do this week?  I'd love to hear from you in the comment section.
Stay safe.


  1. I'm always impressed by your accomplishments! :-) LOVE those pendant lights. Mt life's sort of boring (on purpose), so my routine stays pretty much the same week to week. This past week:

    Prepared just over 12 meals for my family and the neighbors; on average I spend about 20-24 hours in the kitchen, cooking.

    Washed and stored (then used some in meals) 2 pounds carrots, 9 large zuchinni, 2 pounds green beans, 2 pounds tomatoes, 4 pounds broccoli, 1 bag each lemons and limes, pound of onions, pound of potatoes, head of lettuce, head of cabbage and corn.

    Prepped and froze 4 pounds of green beans.

    Read three novels and posted online reviews.

    Washed (dried, put away) 5 loads of laundry.

    Continued de-cluttering and "purging" by starting another donation box.

    Put together and mailed a "care package" to my sister.

    Signed up with Facebook... I was assimilated. Resistance was futile. :-)

    Using coupon codes and Kohl's cash, knocked out some more Christmas shopping, earning more Kohl's cash.

    On the Anniversary of the start of WWI, enjoyed a Downton Abbey Season 2 marathon.

    Napped. Quite a bit this week, as I was tired.

    Like I said, it's all rather boring. But I prefer life that way. And I suppose I wasn't a total banana slug.

  2. Your list makes me tired just reading it! LOL Doesn't it feel good to accomplish so much while keeping the simple lifestyle in focus? My life is pretty steady, too. It took me quite a while, but I learned how to relax while accomplishing things. Good luck on the purging.

  3. Your weekly list is actually very encouraging. Because I have a decidedly boring life, it's easy to overlook all that I manage to accomplish. It all just seems routine, you know? Thanks!