Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shopping at the Dollar Store With the Grandkids

While a chicken was in the crockpot, I picked up our 2 eldest grandchildren after school.  There were requests to stop at the dollar store before I took them back to my house.  Sometimes I tell them we'll do that another time.  I don't want them to equate grandma with getting everything they want when ever they want it.  But, yesterday we went.

They each get $3.00 to spend.  It takes them a while to choose only three things each from the number of things they want.  But, the rule never changes.  Three is the limit.  I don't think a time has passed that the eight year old tries to talk me into 'just one more' item.  Nope.  Three it is.

I don't do this to be mean.  I do it to help them grow into the independent adults they will be before we know it.  Knowing some things have limitations in life is a lesson that is easier to learn as a child.  Making personal choices - such as which items to choose- creates a strong and healthy mind.  Another thing that our grands will not have to deal with is the emotions that come with an entitlement mentality.

While they pushed around a cart together I chose some silk flowers for an arrangement on my dresser.  I spent $6.00 on four silk flower bunches, one round glass vase, and a bag of clear marbles.  The marbles were to, hopefully, hold the stems in place in the vase.  Thankfully it was a good choice.

When my daughter came to pick up her boys, I showed her what I purchased.  After, of course, her boys displayed their bounty.  She sarcastically thanked me for letting them each choose a three liter of soda then told me my vase wasn't flat on the bottom.    She was right.  Well, it's from the dollar store so I didn't expect perfection. 

After I created the bouquet, I placed the vase on a cloth coaster.  There we go, problem solved.

This picture doesn't do the arrangement justice.  It is a subtle addition to the room.  The bedroom is the only room that has any feminine touches in it.  The rest of the house is furnished in darker tones. 

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  1. I love Dollar Tree! Your flowers look so pretty.Did you know I have Dollar Tree silk flowers in a garage sale 1970s vase on our fireplace mantle in the living room? Also, I think it's a very good thing that you keep a lid on the amount of "treats" for your grands. DH and I are about to head to SoCal to see relatives, and for the first time ever I'm not bringing gifts for the nieces and nephews. Two reasons. First, there would be eight of them to buy for now, and secondly, their parents attitudes about it all have cause me to hit the pause button. One sister-in-law (when I sent a gift) wrote a thank-you email saying she hoped I realized they couldn't do the same. Another sister-in-law commented last year, "Well you sent a birthday gift, so I'll have to buy you one." The third sister-in-law, when we brought pearl necklaces we'd made for all the gals at a family reunion last year (for the professional family pictures--my mom loves pearls), said to me, "The necklace isn't my style." and didn't wear it. Okie dokie. Lesson learned.