Friday, June 6, 2014

Recycling and a Home Made Kitchen and Bath Cleaner

The topic this week on the blogs I follow has been recycling.  England has recently passed a law banning plastic grocery bags.  Australia has councils that dictate recycling demands.  The USA has thousands of counties that have recycling mandates that vary by the needs of the community.

Recycling is the responsible way to live.  Reusing glass jars from items you purchase for freezing liquids or for storing left overs is only one of the prudent ways to help our environment.  Making your own home made detergent and cleaning products is another.  There's a number of things we can do - as private citizens - to protect our environment.

Years ago when I worked at a local hospital emergency service (night shift) I found a stack of paper in the trash can.  This was before recycling became a way of life for us.  I lined up the papers and used the cutting board to make squares of note paper.  By hand, on each sheet, I wrote 'This is a recycled product'.  You can't believe how much my co workers poo pooed the idea.  When they were done making fun of the paper they began using it.  I only did this once because I succumbed to their intimidation tactics.  But I have since learned that intimidation no longer works on me.  I was ahead of my time, but what I did was the right thing to do.

I'm sure not one of those co workers remembers this, but I have never forgotten it.  I became a bit stronger that day filing away how I should have responded vs. how I did respond.

At this point in my life I do whatever I can to recycle and reuse.
1.  Use plastic store bags for trash. 
2.  Use cloth bags at the grocery.  (I get 5 cents back for each one. This helps me to remember my bags.)
3.  If I forget them I ask for paper.  I reuse the bags to wrap packages I send to friends and family when the cost is less than the post office boxes.  (Approximately 50% of the time.)
4.  Shred newspaper to put around the berry bushes as a mulch.
5.  Use cookie sheets over a pan in the oven or a casserole dish with a glass lid instead of foil.
6.  Use glass containers to store leftovers in the fridge.
7.  Use plastic onion bags as a scouring pad to clean pots and pans.
8.  Use baking soda to clean my flat stove top.
9.  Make my own kitchen cleaner.
10. Use a steam cleaner for the wood, tile or linoleum floors.
11. Kill weeds with straight vinegar from a spray bottle.

And so much more.   It's my way of life.  I love nature and the earth.  I have always had an appreciation for my surroundings.  Everyone I know has the same appreciation.  I'm thankful that we do whatever we can to protect the environment.  So, thank you.

Home Made Kitchen and Bath Cleaner

1. Glass jar
2. Citrus peels
3. Vinegar (white is best)

In a clean jar place peels to the top.  If you don't have a lot at a time, freeze them until you have enough.  Fill the jar with vinegar and seal.  Put the mixture in a cool dark place (cupboard will do) for 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks, strain out the peels.  Add an equal amount of water to the vinegar.  Place in a spray bottle and go to town.  

This video shows how to make a gift bag that can be reused from a tea towel.

Stay safe.


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