Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blue Skies and The Military

I live in an area of the country that people vacation in.  As a matter of fact there are so many visitors that locals go to small beaches in the summer, or join the YMCA for swimming.

My area also has the bluest skies I have ever seen.  On most days there is cloud cover that moves quickly out to the ocean to leave in their wake that gorgeous sky.  Our rain storms are fast and furious.  A driver may not be able to see through the sheet of rain and needs to pull over, but the drama is over in a few minutes.

Needless to say, the weather and I make great companions. 

Each morning I sit out in the garden with a cup of coffee, say my prayers, and listen to the birds sing and communicate in the woods behind my home.  I do this in memory of the mornings I spent with my husband.  He would talk back to the birds and they would respond.  I marveled at this skill.  I tried the same thing and watched the birds fly away from fear.

This morning the sky had not one cloud in it for a few minutes.  Then I noticed a few jet streams streaking the pure blue.  I became a bit upset because people have been talking about weather fixing.  Or whatever it's called.  My fears dispersed when I noticed the stream of white quickly dissipated, leaving the sky blue once again.

Ah, the Navy is practicing their morning routine.  That routine is comforting.  The sound of aircraft going overhead is comforting to me.  The military is protecting our shores.  Could they be watching our every move?  I suppose, but I don't know why they would waste precious time watching people go to work or water their gardens.  It would seem they have more important missions on the agenda. 

The extensive military presence in my area - in itself - is comforting.  I'm grateful to the section of the population that has devoted their lives to protecting us.  No where is it seen (by me) more than right here in my own back yard.  I salute those people who have chosen to serve others.  They put in long hours and have very little choices in their lives.  They do what they are instructed to do most every minute of the day.  They are, for the most part, respectful of their environment and the people they serve.  There are some exceptions, but there always is.

So instead of listening to conspiracy theorists, I have chosen to commend our military and thank them for their service.  I'll leave the rest of it to God.  After all, He knows what is real and what is not.  Fear robs us of our comfort and peace.  I have chosen not to live in fear.

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