Saturday, June 7, 2014

Batch Two - Strawberry Jam

This Saturday morning was spent making jam from the berries I got at a local farm yesterday.  Pesticide free berries.  Yummy and sweet berries.  Berries of all sizes, but none that could be described as gigantic.  There was little waste - only 7 berries out of 3 quarts.  I was impressed because that meant there was care taken by whoever picked them.  (Not me!)

I began the quest in the normal way - washing the berries four times.  Sometimes they need five or six rinses.  I told this to my friend and she told me four was enough for her. 

Then came the messy part, hulling.  I use my thumb for this task so I don't loose too much of the berry.  I always cut too much off when I use a knife.  What a mess!  Good thing the disposal was ready to go.
Before I put them in the pan to cook, I pulsed them in the food processor a few times.  Then into the pan with a box of pectin and a small slab of butter.  I like the taste of the foam, but it doesn't look too good.  The butter keeps it at a minimum.
While the jars were warming up in the oven I got on with the jam making.  When the sugar was added and began to boil, I put the timer on for the one minute called for in the instructions.
The finished product.  Rich and warm and delicious.

I use flour sack towels just for canning.  They come in a pack of five for about 4.50.  When I remove the jars from the water bath, I put the towels in the boiling water to clean them.  Doing this doesn't remove all of the stains, but it does take care of most of them.

That took care of my Saturday morning this week.  What did you do?  I know I rested after making the jam.  Then came the task of cleaning up the big mess I made! 
It's around six PM.  I should probably think about making the bed. (ha ha ha)

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  1. I've never actually rinsed strawberries four or five times. What I do is soak them briefly in either salted cold water or cold water with a bit of wine (lemon also works), drain and rinse them. Also, I tend to trim mine before that step? Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Is there a reason to rinse them 4-5 times?