Monday, June 9, 2014

I May Be Getting the Right Idea, The Pantry Saga Continued

I was talking to a friend this morning.  She wanted me to check my email because she sent me some pictures.  We have fun sending pictures to each other showing our latest projects.  She was up last night until 10:30 PM redoing her pantry.  I received permission from her to post this picture on my blog.

How sweet!  Colorful and decorative.  I'm copying her.  Shh.  It's a secret.

I LOVE what she did with her dry goods.  A light bulb, at first, flickered - then shone brightly.  I see now that my pantry is not organized because I have been purchasing containers one or two at a time when I find a good deal.  The shapes and sizes are not consistent.  Bingo.  I finally get it.  Is it imperative to have consistent shape?  Not for the food.  Just for me.  For some reason I need things to appear neat and consistent.  You could call it a personal glitch if you will.  I'm not sure, but I learned to like me a while ago.  So I don't stress over my imperfections.  I only stress over an unorganized pantry!
Here's a reminder of what my pantry currently looks like.  I hope to change that look in the very near future.

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  1. The glass jars are a nice looking way to store staples. I do something similar, but on a bigger scale as I feed six people regularly... Costco and Sams club each sell large, clear plastic tubs of pretzels that my guys like to eat, so I wash and reuse the tubs. They look a lot like extra large mayonnaise jars and hold 15 pounds of dry rice or 10-12 pounds of pasta (which I buy in bulk). I keep a one cup scoop in each container. I also keep oatmeal in one. Then I've washed a re-purposed a slightly smaller tub that once held peanut butter filled pretzels and now holds dry beans. They aren't pretty, though. I hope someday to have beautiful storage and a super-nice kitchen! :-)