Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This week I....

I'm not sure if I've had an exciting week.  I have been content.  I like content.  It's a comforting feeling.  I haven't been doing too much outside of the home this past seven days.  I like being home.  I always have.  My children have finally realized I'm not depressed, I'm satisfied with the blessings I have.  I miss my husband, but other than that I feel so blessed to have the freedom to cook if I want - or not.  I do clean the house just because that is one of my loves.  I enjoy cleaning.  When I've completed a task I can stand back and admire my work in a very short period of time.  A type of instant gratification.  This week I have:

1.  Transplanted 6 marigold seedlings into their own spot in the garden.  This is a hardy plant that can stand up to the heat in my zone.

2.  Purchased 5 strawberry plants with a gift card my son gave me for Mother's Day.

3.  Planted the strawberry plants.

4.  Made a 'roasted' chicken in the crockpot.  The chicken is organic.  I used my fresh parsley and my daughter's dried basil to season it.  Cracked pepper and pink salt were the only other spices used.

5. Dehydrated basil from my daughter's garden.

6.  Swept and vacuumed the floors.

7.  Went to a church sale.  You can check out the post to see what I brought home.

8.  Went to breakfast with our youngest daughter and her children.

9.  The same day went to our eldest daughter's for dinner.

10.  Took stock of my canning supplies.

11.  Had 5 no spend days.

What did you do this past week?  Do you grocery shop every week?  Were there any good deals you found at the grocery?

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