Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jimmy Buffet Get Together

Last year Jimmy Buffett came to our area.  Unusual, but he was here again yesterday.  Since our daughter went to his concert last year she decided to forgo the concert this year and have a JB party - complete with some fancy drink I can't spell and can hardly pronounce and music.

The three couples who went together to last year's concert gathered for the event.  I was also invited.  We each brought a dish to pass.  Our daughter contributed the decorations which consisted of flamingo table cloth, flamingo paper plates and cups, and bright green plastic utensils.  She cooked some fall off the bone barbeque wings and a three bean salad.  One of her friends made grilled pineapple, the other brought her 'famous' cucumber salad.  As requested I brought a pineapple upside down cake for dessert.  A colorful pitcher of orange Kool Aid and the dinner was complete.

The kids played ball while waiting for dinner.  A couple times the ball ended up in the garden and I could see them checking out if dad saw the fumble.  Relieved, they moved over a bit and continued to play.  Even with these precautions, the ball found it's way back in the raised garden bed.

We had a nice evening talking and eating and passing the food around.  I always take a helping of food home for my next meal, but there was very little left to take.  You know the food was good eating when that happens.

Before I left I trimmed down a couple herb plants and brought the rewards home to dry.  I also scarfed up the 2 pineapple tops to grow a couple of plants.  I just watched a video that showed the right way to grow a pineapple plant.  Gardening has become an interest of mine these days so I'm willing to try any out of the box thing I can.  It keeps me busy and -most of all - out of trouble.

I went home with a bag full.  Chicken, cukes, cake, herbs, and pineapple tops.  The grilled pineapple had disappeared.  The recipe is so simple and refreshing.  You can find it below.

Grilled Pineapple

1 stick of butter
2 T honey
2 (or desired amount) of hot sauce

Melt the butter then mix the other ingredients with the butter.  Place pineapple rings on the grill and baste with the mixture.  Turn them a few times, basting often.  Takes about 10 minutes to cook.  Yum. 

Ours was made with fresh pineapple, but I don't see why a canned product wouldn't work.

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