Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Real Homestead Family

I often tell my daughter I'm glad I have been widowed in this century rather than the last.  Because, the internet is my constant companion.  I do facebook to keep up with family and friends far away.  I also love yootoob.  If I were to pick any of my favorite yootoob sites it would be Our Half Acre Homestead.  This is a family that knows what they want.  Clean air and food, for one.  Lower cost of living  And a true appreciation for the important things in life.  If you are looking for down to earth advice, this is the spot to find it.

The Mrs. Volfie cooks up a storm and demonstrates how to recycle materials.  She cares for animals with the heart of a mother, as well.  Mr Volfie shows his skills in creating a solar system and creating a new bathroom, among other projects.

Check it out.  I bet you get hooked!

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