Friday, April 22, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip

Today's Shopping trip will include many free items.  It may not be "Extreme", but my trips add lots of value for the money.  Keep in mind that I have a stock of food and H and B items at home.  This is how I add to it.

Free ream of paper

2 free 20 count battery packs

Turn in 2 cartridges for 6.00 store credit

4 American Greetings cards, 4.00Qs, final price .76 before the 20% Wellness discount.  The discount will be on the full price of the cards.

2 Mitchum women's deodorants, 8.00, less 7.00 in Qs

4 Airwick sprays, free, BOGO store sale and 2 BOGO Qs

6 single serve candy, free, 2/1.00, I have 3 Qs for 2/1.00

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