Friday, November 12, 2010

Mommy's Vacation Time

If you need some time to yourself to rejuvenate, there's no need to spend money.  Here's a few things that will help you move forward, at home - or close to home.

1) Talk to your significant other.  Let them know you'd like to change how you rejuvenate.  You'd like to find ways not to spend money and still get some peace and quiet.
2) Designate a bath time each week.  No one is to disturb you during the 20 -30 minutes the bathroom door is locked.  You will need another adult in the house to watch the kids and keep them from disturbing you.  Light the candles, grab a book and a small glass of wine.  You'll feel like a new woman.
3) If you feel you need to leave the house, go to the library for 30 minutes.  Read magazines or look for a good book.
4) Window shop.  Just window shop.  Don't go far from home, just anywhere that is a short drive and interests you.
5) Prayer time.  When the kids are napping, sit and rest.  Say a prayer or two of thanksgiving to God.  Thank Him for the things we take for granted such as the sun and soil and good health.  And - those kids or co worker that just worked your last nerve.
6) Turn off all electronics and clean out a closet or shelf.  It's very calming to the spirit when you do mundane tasks so your mind can wander.
7) Take a walk around the yard, looking down.  You'll see all sorts of wonders there.
8) If you are at work go to your vehicle for lunch or a portion of it.  Sit with your eyes closed or check out some trees or cloud formations.
9) Tell your significant other how much you appreciate them.  Do this out of no where and you will have the person in a very good mood.  This comes back to make your day better and more relaxing.

A rest can be for five minutes or 30 minutes.  The amount of time doesn't matter.  What matters is that you can move forward with a renewed spirit.

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