Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Basic Kitchen and A Healthy Budget and Body

There's a lot of products out there and as many 'hackers' who spout for 30 minutes at a time about the benefits of buying their product. These TV commercials have multiple testimonies from 'legitimate' consumers singing the praises of the product.

There's one in particular that is guaranteed to make life easier and quicker. Your food will look like a pro.

I ask myself, "What is it they aren't saying?" They aren't saying that the entire set is planned and put together by a staff. The cukes are cleaned and dried and the flour is measured in a clear glass bowl before the show begins. And, the most important thing to note is, there are MULTIPLE 'magic' machines set up. Meaning no one is cleaning them until they leave your living room.

Most food prep consists of retrieving and cleaning and measuring. The measuring cup and glass bowl is retrieved, the recipe is read and followed. Milk and eggs come from the refrigerator. The set up of ingredients takes most of the time in a recipe. The pie crust for the quiche' is made before it's placed under the 'magic' chute.

The best way to stay healthy is to use your body. Cutting and slicing and opening cans by hand is not only economical, it is healthy. Every use of your muscles helps to keep you fit and trim.

Cleaning the item takes so much more time than cleaning a cutting board and knife.

Ah, you say, "What about the uniform slices or cuts?" Most of us aren't kings and queens. We're not even wealthy. (Less than 1% of the people in this country hold 99$ of the wealth) Who are we suppose to impress with uniform slices? There is no one.

The MAGIC in a good meal is the effort and love put in the preparation. It can't be measured or studied. It just is one of those intangible things that IS.

So if you have a magic machine, God bless you, if not - don't waste away, use your muscles and buff up!

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