Sunday, January 10, 2010

RITE AID 1/10-/1/16/10

There are two free items, with one check rebate, on the back cover of this week's Rite Aid circular.

1. GE light bulbs, 2 pack are 2.00 with a 2.00 rebate. If you have a coupon, you can make money on this item.

2. Con Tac cold and flu is 4.99 with a rebate of the same amount.

3. Alpo canned dog food is 79 cents a can. Even though this price is 16 cents lower than my local grocery store's, I get it at Wally World for 71.5 cents a can. So a no go for me.

4. The circular also has coupons for a few products from Johnson and Johnson- Aveeno, Roc, Purpose, Clean and Clear, and Lubriderm. The same products have coupons in the Smart Source flyer in Sunday's paper. (1/10/10) There is also a rebate form in the SS flyer that is for 10.00 off of 30.00 in products. A RA receipt will list the original price first, then take off the coupons at the bottom. You can also stack the coupons and use the RA one with the manufacturer's coupon. EX: The receipt price is 4.00. Coupons total 3.50. The 4.00 price is what is used to meet the rebate money spent. (26.00 left) The product, at the register cost 50 cents. If these are items you use, there's big savings here.

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