Thursday, November 19, 2009


This week the only item I saw in the Rite Aid circular that was a full rebate was the 4 oz Crest toothpaste with Scope.

To sign up for the rebate program go to the site, sign up and click on Rebate Program. At the end of the month click to send off the form and a check is mailed to your address within 4-6 weeks.

This month, so far, I have $17.00 on my check. Last month I received $30.45 in rebates. All of the products I purchased ended up with a cost of $0.00.

I roll this money over so my purchases at Rite Aid never cost me any out of pocket money (OOP). I don't spend more than I get in return to make this happen.

Let me say since we are retired we don't need as many items from a drug store that families with growing children do. Rite Aid has many items on the rebate form ($777 in rebates this month), including diapers. Even if all of your purchases aren't fully covered, there's money to be saved on your drug store needs.

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