Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Decorations

I've been spending some time thinking of frugal decorations for Christmas I can share with you. A few come to mind. They are quick and easy and no special talent is needed to pull them together. I have to say, upon reflection, that the decorations we made as a family are my favorites. What has survived the years will be disburse to our children this year. Their children can see what mommy or daddy did when they were small.

Hopefully there is at least one container lying around the house that has your Christmas color of choice on it. Look for something red or green or mauve or whatever color you like to represent the holiday. Fill it half way with water and place some pine boughs in it. The kids can create a few ornaments to place in the arrangement. Instant red and green decoration.

A clear glass container with candy canes or cinnamon dots (in the cake decorating isle) in it is also an instant success. Don't be hesitant to place covered containers in the bathroom for a little surprise.

A collection of pine boughs tied at one end with rubber bands makes an instant swag for an entrance door. A big bow with streaming ends tied around the top hides the rubber bands the boughs are tied with. Rubber bands are suggested because the boughs will shrink as moisture evaporates from them.

A string of colored lights around the front windows (inside) is instant enticement for children. The show of excitement the colors bring to sweet little hearts will warm any adult heart.

Cut out pictures or scenes from cards and paste them on an ornament cut from construction paper. Punch a hole in the top of the 'ornament' and string small ribbon through the holes, tying a bow at the top. Something like this makes the tree feel like it belongs to everyone.

I'd like to hear ideas from you. A creative Christmas is a blessing to every one.

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  1. the best frugal house decoration? displaying your Christmas tree in a front window...