Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Advertizing Ploy

Have you ever watched a commercial that states '9 out of 10' (doctors, dentists) recommend our product?

Let me explain what this really means. A representative from a company visits a medical office. He/she brings lunch and provides information about the product. Then they ask how many samples the office thinks they would give to their patients. If they accept the samples and sign for them , the ad turns this information into '9 of of 10' recommend the product.

I expect the small print on the signature paper the medical provider signs explains this, in some way. I don't know if any providers have ever noticed. Well I suppose one out of 10 has noticed this.

Using this information to sell a product can prompt a decision by the consumer to purchase the product. After all , 'if a doctore uses it it must be good' - is the thought process. This is no accident.

Armed with this type information helps us to be more informed. I nformed consumers are smart consumers.

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