Wednesday, November 25, 2009

May Your Thanksgiving Day Be Blessed

I went grocery shopping yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner. The night before my family (DH and DS) sat down together to decide what we wanted for the meal. I was surprised by their choices and the traditional dishes they did not choose. Every year I made Watergate salad for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I also made certain yams slathered with marshmallows were on the table. And the classic green bean casserole. No one, besides myself, opted for these dishes to be on the table. No one wanted the traditional veggie platter or snacks of chips and dip. So I altered tradition with little fuss. Thanksgiving is about family, after all.

I was surprised by their choices and went off to forage for food at the local grocery store the next morning. DS will pick up asparagus and walnuts at another store.

Turkey was on sale for 39 cents a pound yesterday. I bought one 2 weeks ago for the same price so I didn't need to cart this home. Cranberry sauce in the can, uncooked shrimp, horseradish, and canned shrimp were all on sale. I make a cheese ball with the canned shrimp and I make cocktail sauce with the horseradish. The menu will include:


Turkey and stuffing (I've been saving bread in the freezer)

Mashed potatoes (bought at a farm) with gravy


Corn ( frozen during summer)

Cranberry Sauce


Cold shrimp with cocktail sauce

2 kinds of cheese balls with crackers

Carrot and celery sticks ( I have to have something I like)

Walnuts in the shell (taste so much better than the shelled ones)


Apple pie

Pumpkin pie


Then, of course, in the evening we have cold turkey sandwiches.

Left over turkey will be used for soup (really delicious), sandwiches and croquettes and hot sandwiches.

Even though we have pared down this year, I feel so blessed. For a number of reasons. Our family is healthy. Everyone has a job. The grandchildren are so dang cute. And our daughters, who live in the south, are carrying out the traditional dishes my DH and DS have decided they have no interest in. Did I mention healthy? What more could a mother ask for?

A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all.

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