Saturday, August 6, 2016

This Must be the Quickest Craft Ever, Mrs. Erica

I was watching yoo toob videos this morning and clicked on to what has become one of my favorite channels - Mrs. Erica You Tube.  I've traded in Nikki's channel for Mrs. Erica.  The former channel is not only getting commercialized, the style used is becoming rather sterile.  But, Mrs. Erica's style and the style I'm most comfortable with are very close.  There's nothing like a bit of wood to offer the feeling of warmth to a home.

I'm attaching Mrs. Erica's video posted this morning so you can see the simple project she did that even I can accomplish with minimal know how.  I had the items needed at home and went directly to the office to do the project.  Retrieving the items, cleaning up, and doing the project took 10 minutes.

All I did was attach a black ribbon
on each end of the tray.

I checked using the tray for a cheese
snack.  I love it!

The vlogger used a round tray embellished with black and white ribbon that she took to work to display snacks for a meeting.  Mine will be used in the guest room for snacks as I am getting guests at the end of the month.

I encourage you to check out Mrs. Erica's video if you are interested in making simple craft items, see her activities, meet her family, and check out the grocery hauls. 


  1. Thanks for that link. I will check out this channel. I hope you are keeping well . X

    1. I'm well, thank you. As I hope you are. I think you'll like her channel.