Saturday, June 4, 2016

This Week's Accomplishments

You may remember that I recently worked in the laundry room to make it more comfortable feeling.  Then I did a load of clothes and the washer broke.  I had to get a new one.  There was a time when Bob was alive that he would fix the problem and the machine would continue to serve our needs. Since I don't have those skills I went to find a new machine.  I wanted something with no computer parts, but all machines now come with computer parts.  I purchased the model with the least amount of bells and whistles as well as the one Consumer Reports listed as the best buy.

It so happens I ended up loving the washer.  There is no wringer in the middle and my comforter fits nicely in the tub.  A bonus is it sings to me when the load is complete.  It plays an entire tune to let me know the job is done.  I laughed out loud, but found the tune was catchy and happy sounding.

It was installed on Saturday.  I washed the comforter and a load of whites as well as darks since then.

Tuesday the carpet man came and cleaned the bedroom wall to wall carpet and the living room area rug.  I was amazed that the spot on the living room rug that Marley favored was totally removed.

Before the carpet man came I removed everything in the closet that resides on the floor and vacuumed the rugs in both rooms.

The hardwood floors were swiffered and all of the interior doors were cleaned.

The entire downstairs was dusted.  I like this idea that I saw on a video - to dust every room at one time.

A Shark vacuum was on sale plus I had a 20% coupon for a light model. (Not heavy to carry around.)  It pulls apart to a small unit so I can easily vacuum the steps.  I'll keep this upstairs because the regular size one is too heavy to cart up the stairs.

I went through ibotta before I went to Wal Mart grocery store and added 5.75 to my ibotta total.  The total is now at 42.00.  I only purchase what I normally use, passing by all the other offers.  I bought sliced cheese, butter, Glad cling wrap, among other items that have slipped memory.  I received two rebates on the butter because one was for California butter and one was for a name brand.  The name brand was made in California so they gave me both rebates on the same item.

Strawberries were picked and consumed this week.  Every one of them.  The total was half a quart!

Since the blackberry bushes are growing wildly, I trimmed the large branches that have no fruit or flowers on them.

Went to the bank to pay off the washer and found I had enough points on my credit card to purchase three more 25.00 gift cards.  These along with ibotta funds, change, and 100.00 a month will go towards gifts for birthdays and holidays.

After the bank visit I stopped in Marshall's and found a pair of house slippers and a pad of paper to jot down accomplishments to write on the blog.

I wear a pair of these to bed at night
to protect my feet when they're
rubbed with lotion. (coconut oil)

This pad has spots for each day of
the week  - Monday to Friday -
then one spot for the weekend.

Penney's sent a 10.00 off 10.00 coupon in the mail so I bought my son's birthday gifts with the coupon, combining sales and the coupon providing a savings of 49.00.  Out of pocket expense was 6.23 with tax in that total.

I made a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich using the lettuce that's growing in the garden pot.

I never thought planting that lettuce from the
refrigerator would amount to anything.  I'm
going to make another one today!

What are your accomplishments for the week?  I'd love to hear from you.  I sometimes read a blog not so much for the bloggers accomplishments, but for the sixty plus replies from readers.  It's a great learning experience for me. 

Stay safe.


  1. Thanks to you, I've entered the "ibotta" world :-). I don't shop at WalMart much, but do get a few things there if they are on the ibotta list. butter & eggs are always a given, and they've had a $2 Charmin rebate that I've used twice now. In northern MN, the garden has yet to produce, but the lettuce looks like it will be ready in a week...YAY!! Thank you for your blog - it's an encouragement! LynneinMN

  2. As you get used to ibotta you'll notice that there are offers from from most of your local stores. I haven't ventured into the clothing area yet, but I may do that today. I do use the pharmacy one when I need something, but most of my stuff is either home made or dollar store items. (aspirin and antibiotic ointment along with bandages, alcohol and peroxide.)
    Thank you for the compliment, it's an encouragement for me to hear reinforcement of my goals.

  3. Oh, your home must be sparkling clean from top to bottom!
    Good, that you could get a new washing machine at once. Does the company take the old
    machine away?
    I wonder, what a comforter could be. Is it a special sort of pillow?

    1. Comforter is another word for quilt. Only a comforter is fluffy. I used the wrong word because in reality I have a quilt that is queen size. I have cash put aside for such things. I've been around long enough to know things break. I use a credit card for the buyer's protection it offers me and the points I accumulate that can be turned into gift cards. (visa) Then when the bill comes in I pay it in full. If I didn't have te money I would be washing by hand until I did.

  4. Hi Angie! I've been reading your blog for awhile and enjoy it very much, Re Ibotta - does a person need a smart phone or that type to be able to be a member? I don't and it's not in my budget. Thanks. Shirley

    1. Welcome to Angie's House. I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. Check out the online ibotta site. I think if you have a way to download a receipt you can use your computer. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Oh you are a busy lady and how nice to have such a clean house x

  6. I try to keep busy so my bones choose to move every morning! There are days I pretty much watch learning videos to keep my mind sharp. (I hope.)