Saturday, May 28, 2016

National Brands (Food) at the Dollar Tree

When I did the Dollar Tree shopping this week I took a few minutes to snap some photos of national brand foods that are offered.  I was surprised at the amount of them that were  offered.  These are not all of them, just a few. Are there any brands you shop the dollar stores for?

I bought an LED light bulb, tissue, salami, a card, and a sanding block that I will use on a DIY project.

Hanover baked beans large can.

Libby pineapple. This item no longer
originates from Hawaii, but rather
a foreign nation. 

I use this broth when the home
made is gone.  Nothing but broth
is on the ingredient label.

There are 12 bags that make large
batch tea in this box. That's 8.3
cents per batch.

This is not a national brand, but is
loved by my grandchildren.

I'm  well aware of how this salami is
made.  I like it anyway. This is one item
I eat to grab some fat in my diet. I
bought a pack this week. 

Arizona tea for when time is crunched.

Wheat bread.

This item is great for school lunches
or car trips. 

I have to admit I look for Welch's jelly
now and then. It's one of my pantry

Hormel pepperoni.


  1. The dollar store has a great range of groceries. Hope you are well x

  2. We LOVE Dollar Tree, and regularly buy a number of things there, including some food. Many of the things you buy, plus tortillas, spices/herbs, dry pasta, rice, dry beans, canned soups, canned vegetables, steak sauce and instant mashed potatoes. I always keep a box of their dry onion soup mix on hand, too.

    1. Oh, the spices! What a deal! There use to be an advertisement from a spice company that claimed they didn't use stems. I do! When I grow spices I grind the whole plant up because there's nutrition in the stems, too. There's times I found 2 pound bags of pasta for 1.00. Can't beat that.

  3. All those US-brands are unknown to me, apart from the
    name Libby`s fruit preserves. I have known this name for years.

  4. I, too, buy the Hormel Pepperoni for homemade pizzas. They are the perfect size for one pizza! I was fortunate this week to find the Velveeta brand Mexican white cheese (1# box), these typically run for over $3 at the grocery. I don't typically buy velveeta except to make con queso dip for potlucks, so this was a steal! Our $ Tree doesn't carry bread, unfortunately. It's a very small store. BLessings! lynneinMN

    1. Many of the comments I get are on my FB page. One of my readers was unaware that the Dollar Tree offers so many national brands. Don't you just love that store?