Monday, May 23, 2016

Accomplishments Last Week

I'm going to have to start writing down the things I do for this blog.  Sometimes I think I forget more than I write about.

I took a trip to the dollar store to check out the new products.  There wasn't much  I was impressed with.  I did pick up tissues, parchment paper, moth balls, wet floor wipes and a sanding block.

I worked on three small projects, as well. I hung a small shelf I bought a few years ago in the laundry room to bring a bit of comfort in the small space. It was the perfect place to showcase the candles Carolyn gave me for Mother's Day.  Our family believes in supporting small home based businesses so Carolyn put our standard to practice. She chose the soy candles from Stone Cottage Customs. They use small reusable canning jars and wood wicks that sizzle when lit. The essential oil infused soy burns evenly with little carbon emission.  So  I'm a happy girl.

I also scrubbed down the laundry room before I hung the shelf. To add more of a comfortable feel I placed bleach in a small clear bottle (It'll be used before it can break down.) along with a candle and the yarn basket.  I shopped my home for a small rug, too.  Since this room is off of the back hall, the candle is a nice addition to provide a clean smelling area.  Putting items on the fryer works for me because I don't have a lot of laundry and can use just the washer top to fold clothes.  I realize this wouldn't work for those readers who have families to care for.  I know when I had kids at home our laundry was in the basement.  There were plenty of times that we had to go down the steps to find clean clothes piled up on the dryer or on hangers on the small line.

The last project I worked on was setting up a garden table I purchased on amazon.  A friend told me they were available and I saw a glimmer of hope to be able to garden this year. I had pots to use even though you are able to put soil directly in the table.  It was sad to think I couldn't get my hands dirty in soil any longer, but I figured it was just a part of life I would have to accept.  I now have beans, paisley, cucumbers, and lettuce planted.  I have one pot left that will house a lavender plant once I purchase one.

Look at the bean plant my grandson
planted in March.  I have a number
of beans on it.  I planted two more
in the same pot. 

I wanted to show you how large the blackberries have grown even with the cool weather.

Today I noticed the plant is over the
six foot fence.
What have you accomplished this week?  I'd love to hear from you.

Stay safe.


  1. Your laundry looks clean and fresh. The candles look so sweet on the shelf. I'm still weeding through clothes and donating what I don't wear. The garden still continues to be a big part of my life. I have planted some chrysanthemums and they are flowering now. I bought another couple of palms for my deck and this is looking very tropical. I sent you an email too Angie X thanks again x

    1. I checked my email and could not find an email from you. Sometimes people think the first three letters are red when they are rad. Excited to hear from you.

  2. I forgot to mention how lovely your plants and garden area are. I like that garden table. The large pot will look beautiful with Lavender in it. The only problem will be choosing which variety of Lavender!

  3. What a vigorous blackberry ! And on that favorable sheltered location (so it seems to me)
    it will even grow "wilder". So you can expect a nice harvest in late summer probably.
    And that bush bean in the pot looks so healthy too.
    The garden table was a very good buy that you will use quite often.

    1. I just sent you an email using the word vigorous. Then I checked hre and you used the word as well! Great minds think alike! LOL

  4. The laundry room looks great! This is Cajunwifelife. I have since changed my cleaning routine to devoting an hour of focused cleaning. That seems to be helping and works with my now busier schedule as I got a promotion at work that takes even more time from my day. Which is the main reason I haven't posted any new videos lately. I am definitely open to any help you want to provide me. I never really have gotten organized in a way I am fully happy with. So any help would be great!

  5. A big welcome, fullofhope! I would love to help you in any way I can. Jot down your phone number in a comment and I will not publish it. Things will take a while so please don't get discouraged. We'll go through every step by step process to help you manage things. We'll stop when you want to and begin again when you are ready.