Saturday, January 9, 2016

Organization Has Begun, 2016

The new year is here!  Lots of ideas float through our minds of what we can alter and improve on this year.  Yoo Toob is buzzing with organizational videos - so many that there's not enough time to watch them all.  Vloggers are organizing everything from closets to weight programs.  My first choice every year is organizing paper work.  This year's project has brought me to new heights.  I bought a desk and a book case.

I plan on arranging the room differently as soon as inspiration
hits.  For now, I'm just happy to have the desk.

You may recall one of the things on my new year list was to purchase a desk in a final attempt to organize paper work.  I did just that.  The office space was empty because, to be honest, I was too cheap to buy a desk.  I've gone along these past years (3.5) using small containers for the hanging files and all of the other items needed to run the economics of a home.  Things never got where they belonged because I would forget which container they went in or the 'I'll do it later' mentality set in.  In the past I would use the right church, wrong pew mentality.  All this did was upset me when I had to search for a document.  To keep my sanity I sprung for a desk.  One with a drawer that is specific for hanging files.  It's in the office along with a matching bookcase. 

I don't know why I didn't do this years ago.  I found that the space is so cozy that I'm going to purchase a love seat and TV for my down time.  A couple of lamps and some cozy curtains and I'll be good to go.

I've set up the room to include the small stash of craft items I have as well as paperwork and office items.  I'm using containers I have collected from around the house to house everything.  Although I have placed the hanging files in the appropriate drawer, I have been going through each item and discarding what I don't need.  As an example:  I don't need every electric statement that comes in each month.  The statement has a chart on my usage for a year so each month the usage can be compared.  I do need all of my financial statements so 2015 was organized by month and placed in a bin designated for long term storage.

Also on the agenda is organizing the gift wrapping items.  I purchased an organizer that holds even the long rolls of wrapping paper.  I have all Christmas supplies in one and liked it so much I have another organizer coming in the mail for all occasion items.  I also bought bins for the holiday decorations.  The ones I used this year were kept and others were donated. 

An additional area I have completed work on is health and beauty - cosmetics.  I have more than I can use in two years so I thinned out my supply of creams that my daughters can have if they like.  They are sample items from a large cosmetic company, but they are great for winter months.  I use them on my hands at times even though they're made for the facial area.

The kitchen cupboards got a run through to be decluttered.  I found a few items I don't use so they went out the door.

The junk drawer - before

The junk drawer - after.  I don't need 10 pens and pencils
at my fingertips.  The extra are going to the office to be stored.
If I don't use them in this coming year, They will leave the house.
Areas left to organize:
Clothes (again)
 Shoes (again)
Pantry (again) DONE!

Organizing is one of my favorite things to do.  I get a sense of accomplishment from the activity.  Do you enjoy organizing?  What's on your agenda this month?

Addendum:  I bought a famous maker cleaning pads for the hard woods that attach to the Swiffer handle.  Imagine my surprise when my dog began to sneeze then not be able to breath.  I put her out in the fresh air and re washed the floors with hot water and a rag.  The dog responded to my efforts.  I remember now why I began to make my own cleaning products.


  1. Happy 2016 dear Angie. Well you are super organised. I love your new desk, it's looks so neat and cheerfull. Goodness poor Marley, the cleaners must have affected her. I continue to use the orange oil cleaner, it works so well. Do you make any other cleaning products? I think I am going to try to make my own laundry liquid. Good to hear from you . I just checked your blog last night as I thought it was over a week since you blogged. Take care and have a great week my dear friend. X

    1. Happy New Year to you, as well, Leisha! It's funny you should ask about other cleaners as I have been thinking of going through the blog and listing what I have in one post. I use the orange cleaner for just about everything, except the wood floors. It would ruin the finish. Normally I get down on my butt with a cloth and hot water to clean them. As this is getting rather difficult for me these days I purchased a steam cleaner so my body can be saved from a couple of days of pain.

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