Monday, December 28, 2015

Purchasing After Christmas Items IS a Goal Met

Like most women in the country I did some after Christmas shopping to stock up for next year.  Unlike most women, I waited until two days after Christmas to beat the crowds. Michaels had 70% off, Pier One was at 50%,  and Dillard's items were also 50% off.  Dillard's had quite a bit left over so they will have a 70% off sale on the first of the year.  But, the zoo it will be on that day does not fit into my lifestyle.  I'll take the 50% off and feel good about it.

The items bought were comsumables such as tags, gift card boxes, and paper.  I thought I'd best get the gift card boxes because a gift card I sent nearly got thrown away because it was so small.  Hopefully, the boxes will be large enough to stand out.

I'm thinking the red 'open me' stickers can be used on any gift.
I'm sorry to say I took other pictures, but for some reason
they won't transport to the blog.

Most of the decorations are put away for next year except for the tree and the Nativity.  The tree will come down around the first of the year, but the Nativity will stay put until I have the feeling to put it away. 

This year I bought a bin to put the decorations in so they are contained and organized.  Before this year I didn't have enough to worry about so they went into a closet I use for storing holiday decorations and gifts.  I like the idea so much (Don't know why I didn't think about it before.) that I'm going to purchase bins for the other holiday items, too.  My first organizational activity for the coming year.

Another goal this year is to purchase a desk.  I thought I could get away without one, but this paper work stuff is getting frustrating.  A desk with a drawer for hanging folders will fit the bill nicely.  It's time the empty office room became an office.

Long term goals this year:

1 Set up the printer to WIFI
2 Save coins until I get to 25.00 then turn the change into gift cards for gifts.
3 52 week savings plan, beginning with the last week first.
4 Set up Google Chrome, then drop the cable.  I seldom watch TV because of the long commercial periods and, let's face it, the content has more to be desired.

Short term goals:

1 Purchase camera batteries for the year
2 Go to Sam's to purchase bathroom tissue and Kleenix
3 Make address stickers or purchase them, depending on cost.
4 TRY to remember to purchase a lottery ticket each week.  This has been a goal for three years, yet to be followed through.  I'm just not a lottery kind of girl.  If I could purchase them all at one time, the problem would be solved.
5 This past year I increased my prayer life to include a number of individuals as well as learned new prayers.  I'm happy to report (to myself, more than anything) that I missed not one day.  This year I'd like to increase the list of prayers I learn by heart.

Do you have goals this year?  Let me encourage you to set goals and feel satisfied if even one comes to fruition.  That's one more than the year before!

Stay safe.


  1. Here we also have Christmas clearance sales after the holidays, but I do not need anything.
    Starting after Christmas the winter sales begin and this is really a good opportunity to look after things that you need:Household goods and winterclothing.Shops need space for the new spring and summer collection and they grant remarkable price reductions. I usually buy at this time. Tomorrow I will make a trip to town. I haven´t been there for some weeks.
    I wish you and your readers a good start at the beginning of the New Year.

    1. It's difficult to believe, but there's Valentine things on the shelves here. In January our stores will begin putting clothing on sale. If I wait until the third week, I can get some great sales on items for birthdays and holidays. Have fun in town. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Angie you are so organised . I have been reflecting over the last week and I think I need to change some things in my life .

    1. Leshia, I wish I was that organized. I'm a work in progress, which I hope you are, too. There's nothing wrong with a few glitches because then we will always want to learn new things and move forward.