Monday, October 19, 2015

A Nice Weekend Spent With Family

It's pretty cold for these old bones of mine so the camis, knee socks, and long sleeve shirts have come out in full force.  I'm not complaining because where I use to live got snow this past weekend.  Normally there's a frost before the snow falls, but that was not the case this year in the North.  Just thinking about the cold up there brings shivers to the very center of my being.

Saturday was an active one for me.  Daughter three and I went to a yard sale with quite a few vendors at the local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars).  They hold a sale every fall to raise money for the post.  They also sell lunch food such as barbeque sandwiches and chips to make extra funds.  We didn't eat there, but many others did.

I made a purchase that was unexpected.  I bought six vintage plates that I have no where to store or even a use for bur they were so beautiful I couldn't pass them up.  The edges have 14 karat gold trim so they even need to be hand washed.  Since I hand wash most things anyway, that part is not a problem.  They were marked $10.00, but when the man saw me walk away, he lowered the price to $5.00.  What was I to do, I ask you?  Since I recently de cluttered the kitchen cabinets, I'm sure there will be a place for them.  To take care of the use problem, I'll be using these plates each night for dinner.

I fell in love with these plates.  You could say it was love at
first sight.  It's funny because this is not my normal decorative
style attraction.

When we left there we hit up three more residential sales with little luck.  Then home for a rest.

Daughter number one spent the morning at the baseball field with her sons for make up games.  Later in the afternoon she met us at number three's house for an early dinner of spaghetti.  The two of them lined up their kids and walked to a convenient store for cold drinks while I stayed back with the pup and enjoyed the quiet I knew was soon to disappear. 

I have enough quiet at home and also enjoy the noise of happy kiddos playing and even bickering.  Sibling bickering brings a smile to my heart - I do so miss the sounds of family life.

Sunday was a low key day for all of us.  I watched a video about dehydrating food and thought I have lots of dehydrated food.  Perhaps it was time to use some of it to test it's flavor. (Hoping I did things the right way.)  So I got out carrots, green beans, squash, mushroom powder. green peppers and a vegetable stock I had in the freezer.  I made these items into a soup them added a rue to make a vegetable stew which I put on a slice of bread,  I was pleased to note I did dehydrate the veggies correctly as they plumped up and softened to their original state.  The one mistake I made was using stock made from asparagus.  Too strong, but I ate it anyway and so did the pup.

I also decided I had too much celery in the refrigerator so I blanched most of it and dehydrated it.  Even though the celery was cut into small pieces it took about 15 hours to fully dehydrate.  The rest of the day was spent in lazy mode.

My goals today are to wash the bedding and vacuum the rugs.  Let's see if I meet them.  It's not that the goals are lofty, but I've been tired feeling lately - even though my blood work shows no problems.  If there is a day of good energy, I seem to need two days of rest to build up energy again.

Stay safe.


  1. Love love love your new plates! The shape is unique and the pattern is very pretty. Enjoy!

  2. I love those plates Angie, they are beautiful. I hope you recover from being tired Angie.

    1. Thank you for the well wishes. I'm sure things will improve.

  3. So many dehydrated vegetables, -- I am impressed. So much work. And you even made what is called mushroom powder.
    This is a quite unknown thing to me. And all nicely served on a lovely new plate. Congratulation!

    1. The work is not difficult, just a bit time consuming. It saves me from wasting food I can't eat right away. I use the mushroom stems to dehydrate and grid up so there's no waste. The powder is a great soup enhancement. I also use it on a roast when I slow cook one. Dehydrating can be done in the oven at 180 F. The stems do not have to be blanched like the tops do.