Thursday, May 21, 2015

Organization, Part 2, How Many Do I Need?

No one understands the concept of, 'I may need this some day',  better than I do.  It began as a child when the only treat we received was a pack of five sticks of gum to last for the seven day week.  The pack of gum concept was introduced to me when I was six or seven - with no instructions on possible ways I could make it last.

I began by splitting two pieces in half thereby have my treat each day of the week.  From there I discovered that chewing half a stick was just as gratifying as consuming a whole stick, so I began using a half a stick a day.  My stockpile grew out of hand because the gum eventually became stale.  I still used it, but softening it was a chore.   This is when I learned about rotating stock.

As an adult when we had four children and loads of chronic illness in our home I saved EVERY glass jar, EVERY rubber band and paper clip.  EVERY everything!  I had no where to store the items I used every day in an organized manner because the 'reusable' items took up lots of space..  If you know me at all, you'll understand how de stabilizing this was to me.

Then one day - when I was about to clean and save a rubber band that was wrapped around a veggie -I stopped and thought about how many rubber bands I actually used. Maybe four a year.  Then why did I have a whole peanut butter jar filled with them?  Soon I realized I would never use the number of jars, or the paper clips, or anything else I thought I was in need of.  This was the beginning of the de cluttering process for me.

 Fear (of being in need) can be disabling.  We can carry it around with us like an old friend, but really it's an old adversary.  Have you ever noticed how quiet it is?  It's favorite hiding place is in the back ground in plain sight.

This is under one of the bathroom sinks  If an item
doesn't fit in the fake book box, I don't bring it home.
I keep my hair items, cleaning items, and Christmas cooking
brandy here.  No E., I don't throw it down the drain!  LOL

The point I'm trying to make is, yes reuse, but pay attention to how much of something you will need before the need to reuse again arises.  We all have limited space, or real estate, in our homes.  Filling it with fear items is not a productive way to utilize that space. As a matter of fact, the space we don't use is more productive because it's for us to use.  After all, we pay for it, we should be able to enjoy what we have.

Things I Will Always Have A Problem With

Linens:  Any kind.  Towels, sheets, wash cloths, EVERY type of textile know to mankind.  I have learned to admire items in the store then walk away reminding myself I have what I need and some of what I want.

Soaps:  Pretty ones, organic ones, nice smelling ones.  Dollar Tree ones, all kinds.
I force myself to walk away from these, too.

Books:  I've been really good about this one.  The truth?  Not many come will large print!

Stay safe.

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  1. Love your ideas and thoughts on decluttering/organization, etc.