Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ragu Napolitano, Two Greedy Italians

Since I haven't been cooking much these past few weeks my eating habits have a lot to be desired.  For inspiration I have been watching a BBC documentary series called 'Two Greedy Italians'.  I love these guys as they travel through Italy checking out all of the foods native to particular regions.  These are the foods I love such as lemons, cheeses, pasta, and olives.  I've learned that each area in Italy has it's own recipe for  these foods.

I hit the jackpot when one of the gentlemen cooked up what he called Ragu Napolitano.  I'm off to the butcher this morning to purchase a cheap cut of beef, pork ribs, and Italian sausage for this dish.  I have everything else in the house.

I began the day with a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, milk, fruit, and an English muffin topped with peanut butter.  Hopefully this breakfast will be the start of my journey back to healthy eating because I'm one to not eat a meal when I should be eating three a day..  I also brewed tea for iced tea that will flush out the kidneys, making them happy once again.  Plain unsweetened tea is my favorite.

I took a few minutes break from blogging to go to the butcher for the meat needed to make the Ragu Napolitano.  Next to the butcher shop is a garden store that had a sign declaring there was a farm market inside.  Again, I hit jack pot.  Right there in front of me was a bushel of South Carolina peaches,  Ripe
 ones.  Small peaches with fuzz on the skin.  Real organically grown peaches that when I bit into one the juice rolled down my arm.  Heavenly is the only word to describe that first slobbering bite.  Life is good!

The Ragu is on the stove and needs to simmer for 2 hours more.  Add some noodles and I've got a meal fit for an Italian Mama.  I can't wait for it to be ready.  I think I'll pick some of the outer lettuce leaves in the garden and top them with olive oil and lemon juice for a side salad.


  1. I watch the greedy twosome and enjoy their escapades, I am well on the way to losing my excess weight so most of the recipes are a no go area for me just now. I will be going through my recipes and seeing how I can adjust them to cut down on the fat. I am going to keep the weight off for good.

  2. Aren't they a hoot? I've also been watching Escape To The Country, another BBC documentary. It's the sister of a show on America's HGTV. Programmers think all Americans want suspense and glamour. Not all of us. As a matter of fact there is a growing number of people in this country that no longer watch TV. We've had our fill of five minute commercials. Good luck with the weight loss. A few years back I lost 80 pounds without hurting myself. It took a year to accomplish, but I was determined. You go, girl!