Friday, April 3, 2015

Helpful You Tubers and Carolyn LaRoche, Author

It's not true what they say about teaching old dogs new tricks.  Yesterday I learned from two young mothers on you tube.  One is Annie's Simple Life.  Ann has been trying some new things she finds on the internet.  She tries them out and gives a report on how well the experiment works.  In this video she made foaming hand soap from organic castile soap that worked well.  You can see how she does it here:

Hillary of My So Called Home is also a young mom who has an interest in keeping her family and budget healthy.  She often purchases clothing from a site called' twice'.  Twice pays you to highlight gently used items that they sell, shipping included.  There is a comprehensive list of manufacturers they accept so there is little room for error.  If I remember correctly, Hillary buys and sells on the site.

Since I have just purged my closet, I have had a shipping packaged mailed to me.

You can see what deals Hillary came up with here:


Both of these ladies are sweet and helpful to anyone who desires to learn new things.

Good luck and let me know what you think.

It's also worth a mention that my daughter's new book is released on this morning - in e format or print.  Titled 'Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos', by Carolyn LaRoche, it offers the reader intrigue and romance that is sweet between a cop and his wife.  This is her second published book, with two more accepted.  You will love this captivating read.

You can catch an excerpt and an author interview here:

Stay safe.


  1. For young women who like to change their wardrobe more often
    this is an interesting idea.
    I have not heard about such a method here.

  2. I don't change my wardrobe often either. Only when I worked did I have quite a few clothes. It was almost mandatory with the position I held. When I like something I wear it to the last thread. I've been known to hand wash something so I could wear it again the next day. I see now that my children are adults they are the same way. I think these younger women's bodies have changed due to having children so their sizes change with their bodies.