Monday, April 6, 2015

A Blessed and Whirlwind Weekend

Good morning!  The weather is glorious in this part of the world which makes me want to build a bridge - that's how much it energizes me.  Instead of building a bridge, I'll most likely stick close to home and work in the garden.  Saturday was nice, too.  This is a picture of me on Saturday.

I went crazy cleaning and scrubbing the floors.  I got down on my bum and washed the living room floor by hand.  It's amazing how we think things are clean until we get a bird's eye view of them.  There wasn't much dirt because the floors get steamed on a regular time table, but the corners were hiding all sorts of things like little pebbles and Christmas tree greens.  I only found one tiny spider trying to create a new condo home, but he went the route of the one I found in the window when I washed the bedroom window.

Then I cleaned and organized the refrigerator and freezer because I couldn't find the cookie dough balls I froze a few weeks ago.   The cookies were made and the asparagus soup was completed for dinner.  I did find makings for pizza in the freezer so I thawed those out for a nice addition to the soup.

A head of lettuce was waiting to be washed, dried, and put into jars, so I got right on that, as well.  I washed the lettuce in cool water and added a teaspoon of vinegar to the water to kill any bacteria that could linger behind, then sealed it in a jar to preserve it.

After that I got out the home made orange cleaner and cleaned the counters and sinks in the house.  It's difficult to remember what else was cleaned, I only remember I just kept going.

Note to self.  Stop and rest once in a while.  You are no longer young enough to move all day and half the night.  The pain in my body woke me up at three AM and had me  close to tears.  Since big girls don't cry, it finally dawned on me to take some aspirin.  The pain reduced enough to continue sleeping after being awake for one and a half hours.

Easter was a fun day for all of us.  We went to lunch at a local pub, eating on the deck.  The restaurant is on the Inter Coastal Waterways so the scenery was great.  There was a dock off of the deck so, of course, we had to take the kids down there to get a better view of marine life.  The only 'life' we saw was three fish that washed up and never made it back to the water.  The eldest grand spotted a few barnacles on the dock leg for excitement.  Lunch was went down easily and time went by in the same way.  We left to go to number four daughter's house after two hours of yakking and munching.

I stopped at home to grab the kids' Easter baskets, the dog, and change into my jeans before I took the short drive to her house.  The kids played in the yard then sat to color two dozen eggs.

I was surprised to see my daughters both made up a little bag for me.  I'm the simple sort so they popped simple things in the bags for me.  I received home made pickled eggs (from their father's recipe), sunflower seeds, a pretty pen and table of paper, among other small items.  Did I mention Peeps?  Oh yea, they had to be in there, too. 

When I left her house I had intentions of going home, but drove the short distance to the Dollar Tree instead.  I found an entire box of (6 count) my favorite protein bars.  I hope my excitement didn't disturb anyone.  Those who love the dollar store know that the items in there can be there one day and never seen again.  You bet I grabbed those bars!  I considered it my lucky day when I found one lone roll of my favorite wrapping paper that I use for Christmas gifts.  The kicker is it's Made in the USA!  I picked up some bubble gum for when I have the feeling of needing sugar, as well as more grosgrain ribbon and stickers for file folders.

The protein bars are peeking out in the top left corner of'
the picture.  The ribbon looks yellow, but it's cream colored.
I like basic colors so they can used with colorful papers.

I best get myself out to the garden to grab those little weeds that think they can live in my yard.  You don't pay rent, you can't live here! Ha!

The seedlings enjoying the spring sun light.

PS:  Thank you, Bob, for the song - There Will never Be Anyone Else But You, by Ricky Nelson.  Big girls DO cry.


  1. What´s growing in the little pots at the window, Angie? Can you also buy vegetables as transplants ( head salad or cabbage)?
    Sometimes this is a good way, specially in hot summer weeks or when you only need some plants.
    Can you already harvest something in your garden? Here it´s parsley, onions, chives and herbs. And cress of course which is
    very easy to grow.

    1. The window pots contain: cucumbers, melon, tomatoes, and marigolds. Some of the seedlings were getting crowded so I very gently transplanted them in larger pots. Most people do buy the plants from a nursery, but I like the feeling of nurturing a seed while it grows strong into a plant. My mind tends to think on the scientific side of life, so the process of life and the life cycle are amazing to me. Most of what I planted in the fall -radishes, carrots, lettuce - did not make it through the rough winter we had this year. The garlic, spinach, and parsley survived. I just picked my first spinach leaves today that I will eat in a salad tomorrow. I have been harvesting parsley all winter. It could appear to be a bit disappointing, but I did have some survive, so I'm happy about that. Also, the blackberry bush put out a baby. That's exciting, too.