Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Grape Juice? Yup! And Other Things in a Simple Life

I'm so happy to say two of my tomato plants have broken through in search of sunlight just this morning.  I planted them on March 16 and today is the 25th.  I eagerly await the other seeds to shine through.  Especially the seeds a friend sent me of heirloom melons.

Last week I prepared a salad in a vacuum packed jar.  It was an experiment to see how long the lettuce would stay fresh.  This is the way to go because I ate the salad for breakfast and the lettuce was still crisp with no signs of deterioration.  I'm now a believer in the benefits of vacuum sealing fresh foods.  Since a friend has been trying to encourage me to try this method, I have to give her credit for being persistent.

I took a trip to the grocery store yesterday to amend my fresh foods.  I found an organic grape juice that is made from fresh grapes with no added ingredients - not even sugar.  I found it after reading a few ingredient labels.  The first I picked up was a national brand totally associated with grape juice.   because the front of the label said all natural.  The word 'natural' could mean anything from nature and there are a number of things from nature I would prefer be left in nature.  The ingredients didn't seem so bad, so in the cart it went.  Then I spotted small bottles of the same juice.  With these there would be no waste.  The last regular sized bottle of grape juice I bought went bad as I only drank half of it.  So I thought going this route would be better economically.  My first thought was there was no need to read the label because it was the same product.  I read it anyway.  Those sneaky little buggars added two things that I couldn't pronounce.  Disgusted, I was willing to walk away without any grape juice - ever.  Then, sitting in all it's quiet glory was a bottle of juice than timidly announced it was organic.  The ingredient label read, 'Made from fresh grapes'.  That was it!  RW Knudsen makes the best grape juice I've ever had.  The company calls it Just Concord. And, true to it's name, that is all the ingredients in the bottle.  If you ever want to treat your family with a small splurge, pick some up and be spoiled.  I feel like the Queen of England drinking this treat.  Just to let everyone know, I have no relationship with this company since I just discovered it yesterday.

In the cart also went two oranges, radishes, distilled water, and a bag of salted peanuts in the shell.  The label read, 'Peanuts, salt'.  A good snack and I can make peanut butter from them.

Dinner was simple as I ate a half can of my favorite local baked beans from my home town.  Grandma Brown's are the best beans, so different from all of the other beans on the market because they have a creamy texture rather than a loose barbeque one.  These were a birthday gift from my son, requested by me.

Today I plan on going to the local mall with two coupons.  Another $10.00 off $10.00 to Penney's and a free $5.00 item from Bath and Body Works.  Most likely, since I don't need anything, these coupons will be used towards gifts.  I had a free undies coupon from VS, but decided to let it expire.  I also have $10.00 Kohl's cash that a friend sent me that is good this week.  Tomorrow is another day.  For this day I'll stay in the mall area.

What have you been up to?  Don't be shy.  Jot down your adventures in the comment section below and share with like minded readers.

Stay safe.


  1. On one of your pictures I saw radishes put in water? What is the reason for that? As to ciabatta, it should be eaten on the same day or the next. So your friend who covets this bread , as you said, should live nearby, But that´s only my opinion.
    Baked beans is something that´s hardly eaten in our household, it´s a bit "exotic" for us. We look forward for fresh peas
    (garden), that´s our favorite vegetable. I sow many rows of them. Also very good for freezing.

    1. When radishes are placed in lightly salted ice water they stay fresher for a longer period of time in the refrigerator. As far as the bread goes I'll make it, eat a bunch, freeze some, then toast it when it comes from the freezer. Something as good as this has to be savored. You made me giggle when you said baked beans are exotic. In this country they are at the bottom of the food chain. Very inexpensive, but packed with protein. I'll eat these in the place of meat. (I have to choke down most meats. Needless to say I don't eat much meat.)

  2. Angie, I forgot something: The juice you bought is made out of concord grapes. This sort of grapes is quite unwanted
    in most parts of Europe because of the special "fox-taste "(fox-ton). This is really not everybody´s taste. I live in a wine-
    region (Kaiserstuhl) . But it´s a fact that concord grapes are healthy and they are very vigorous, hardly any diseases.
    So enjoy your juice!

    1. In the USA concord grapes are the ones used to make juice and sometimes jams by large companies. I love the pure taste of these grapes. Fresh grapes are either, purple globe, green, or regular purple. My grandfather grew grapes for wine and juice. I'm not sure what type they were, but he brought them from Italy. Thank you for the cultural lesson. Broadening horizons is one of my must do things. When I get a minute, I'll research the subject. Who knew?

  3. A few years ago I had moved to Virginia (for a very brief time). On our visits back home to central ny, we would buy a case of Grandma Brown beans to bring back with us. They are the best!

    1. Good morning Doo! I guess I gave away where I am originally from. We lived on the shore of Lake Ontario in the Oswego area. Nothing like a Hoffman's with GB beans! Or better yet, a Hoffman's at Rudy's! Keep safe.