Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just A Bit of 'Jawing'

According to the weather charts we got 6 more inches of snow last night.  Toady it rained and tonight all of it will turn to ice when the sun goes down.

This morning - to keep busy - I washed the bedding and a load of dark clothes.  While the machines were doing all the work I made 5 fire starters.  I clipped tissue paper rolls in half and filled them with the lint from the dryer.  Then I dipped them into a can of melted wax.  I'll use these in the summer when I start my outdoor stove to do the canning.  The stove uses twigs as fuel so it's friendly to the environment and my utility bill. 

Breakfast was a bowl of cereal with lots of milk.  Milk is one of my favorite foods.  Nice and cold, or warmed up before bedtime.  Either way is a good thing to me.

 It seems quite a few of my habits are old time.  My grandmother was a huge influence on me growing up.  She was from central Italy and such a wise woman.  Her marriage was arranged, as most were back then.  I could only say she got the short end of the stick.  She put up with quite a bit in her marriage, so I never saw a tear when her husband passed.  On went the black dress for an entire year, then she broke out and had fun.  Gramma D. wore light colored dresses and traveled all over the country until shortly before she passed.  The last years of her life were what she wanted them to be.

These years for me are also what I want them to be.  I really have no desire to travel like Gramma D did, though.  I thought I should want to and have struggled with this for a couple of years.  I just recently figured out I'm a home body - all the way.  The only travel I have an interest in is to see my grandchildren who live 900 miles away.  That's it for me.  My only interests are family and home.  I guess that makes me a boring soul to most people. 

Keeping with the boring theme I watched a few yoo toob videos today. (Yes, I mis-spell that on purpose.)  I watched three episodes of the show Extreme Counponing.  Then I watched a couple of short videos about the show and some of the tricks they play so the large number of coupons work.  Don't try this at home.  There really are limitations on store policies.
Dinner will be a shrimp bisque made from shrimp stock and saved shells.  I have 4 shrimp to cut up in the soup to add a bit of bulk.  Hopefully it will turn out well.

How was your day?  Anyone else snow bound?  Stay safe.


  1. A boring soul?
    I think, a person like you who has interest in a nice home, in plants and garden can never be a boring soul.

    1. Thank you. Words of encouragement are always welcome. :)

  2. Hi, I just discovered your blog and became your latest follower. I love that story about your Italian grandmother; she sounds like she was my kind of gal ! All the best from Paris (not snowing but very cold and windy here today) !

    1. Welcome Frugal in France. I do not speak French, although I took a couple years of it in school. I remember very little! A friend also took French and remembers more than I do.

      My grandmother was an angel without wings. A stable person in my life. I draw on her wisdom almost every day. You sure would have liked her.