Friday, January 9, 2015

The New Year - Organizing, Cooking, and Shopping

I've been up to lots of different projects.  Like most everyone else, I'm trying to get things organized for the coming year.  The process has been slow, mostly because I have been sleeping quite a bit so far this month.  Yesterday the wind chill was minus one (F) so I put on three tops, long johns, and sweat pants.  Then I wrapped up in a shawl and burrowed in under a blanket - in front of the fireplace.  In minutes I was asleep.  I woke up at 11:00 AM, sleeping close to three hours.  This was followed by a bed time of around 10:00 PM.  Six AM this morning was wake up time.   My energy level is back to normal this morning.

The day before I went shopping to find a few after Christmas bargains, as well as a couple items I needed.  I went to the Coast Guard Exchange only to be a bit disenchanted.  The candy was only 50% off, but holiday items were 70% off.  The only item I found was two packs of stickers.

Since TJ Maxx is in the same shopping center I hopped over there to see what was left.  Another minor disappointment since most of the sale items were not such a good bargain.  I did find small Burt's Bees stockings that were very well made for .50 cents each.  I bought all four for the grandchildren next year.  Also calling my name were a few candles.  Since my weakness for candles is well known, I chose only one to bring home.  Normally I like the spice scents, but this one was sandalwood.  The container was black and matches well with the picture frame on my husband's picture on the fireplace.  I also found a silk plant that I was looking for to soften up the display on the fireplace.

I like this arrangement around my husband's picture.  As I said before, he is 17 or 18 in this picture learning how to play the guitar while on ship in the Navy.  The silk plant and candle were the items I bought at TJ Maxx and the three tier candle holder is from Yankee Candle.  I got that last year after Christmas for $3.49.  The glass globes were on sale, too, but I can't remember what I paid for them.

Next stop was Ross.  I needed shampoo and black tights.  I know Maxx has these items, but Rose would have the same items at a lower cost.  Score!

The tights and shampoo from Ross ended up costing 8.87.  The stickers said the total would have been 30.00 if purchased retail.  The candle came from TJ Maxx at 8.00.

The stocking from TJ Maxx were .50 each and the stickers (from the CGX) were .40 cents each.

This morning's energy has been spent aerating the lemon tree and olive tree.  I ground egg shells for the garden in the spring, but grabbed a couple teaspoons to share with the house plants.  A nice watering, ground up egg shells, and a soil aeration and the plants are good to go.  Later this month the two trees will be transplanted to larger pots with new soil to encourage new growth.  I know they slow down in the winter months, but they need to go in larger pots.  The lemon will occupy the pot the olive tree is currently residing in and the olive will get a new pot.

I had to read a heading from a local grocery ad to a friend on the phone last night.  This was also shared with my daughter.  The heading read, ' A New year, of new savings!'  I laughed out loud because I was pretty sure I could read between the lines.  Sure enough the cost of a pound of hamburg was $4.99.  Up from $3.99 the 'year' before.  There were not many good sale prices in any of the flyers, but I will go to the new Wal Mart grocery across the street and price match a few items.  Special K is $1.99, Colgate is $1.00, - I have a $1.00 off two coupon for this item - Belvita bars are 2/ $4.00, again I have a $1.00 coupon off two, and green peppers are .69 cents each.

Last night's dinner was covered in home made sauce and meatballs.  Lots of parm on top and heaven was formed.    Since I finished the quiche I made earlier in the week it was time to make another entrée.  Enough noodles were cooked to provide lunch today.

One of my favorite meals.

The other thing that needs to get finished is organizing the paper work for 2014 and packing it away.  This is such a sore spot with me as I'm not so good about keeping things organized throughout the year.  I vowed to get a handle on this for 2015.  Let's see how long it takes before I get lazy telling myself I'll do it later.

What have you been up to since the new year rang in?

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