Monday, January 12, 2015

A Busy Weekend

The weekend was filled with family doings on Sunday.  Number four daughter and her family joined me for a breakfast buffet at 'Triangle Num Num's'.  Translated to big people speak the name would be Golden Corral.  I love their breakfast buffet because there is every breakfast food under the sun.  They'll make a waffle or an omelet to your specifications while you travel down the line pulling up choices to fill the second plate in your hand.  Not only were there eggs, cereal, milk, juice, and other breakfast foods, the salad bar was full of colorful and fresh foods.  Soup was a choice and desserts were there to grab your interest next to the fresh fruit.

As I was leaving an employee was washing the windows on the door.  I would not have seen the sign on the door if she weren't cleaning the windows.  Golden Corral collected over 1.4 million dollars this past year for veteran causes.  They are big into the needs of veterans, something close to my heart.

Before going home I stopped at the new Wal Mart grocery across the street from my community.  I received a gift card for WM at Christmas, so I was pretty elated when I price matched with a total of 9.96 spent.  Popped into the basket was 2 toothpaste, each costing .50 with the price match and a coupon.  Special K was 1.99 each, so buying two ended up costing 3.98.  Organic carrots were .99 cents and a shell of organic greens was 2.48.  There is tax on food where I live at 2.5 %.  It does seem like there was another item, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it is.

I also went to Farm Fresh for clementines.  I made a special trip there because the fruit was from Spain.  There was no problem with rain in Spain this season, plus they grow their food as pure as possible so the fruit promises to be yummo.  I was not let down.  It was like eating candy in it's own wrapper.  I save in other areas so I can grab something like the clementines when I want a treat.  I call it a treat because they were 6.99 for a case of them. 

When all the items were put away the floors were cleaned and the powder room got the once over.  Dishes were put away to make room for the dinner to be made for daughter number one and her family.  We had sauce and macaroni, a nice salad made from the items bought from WM, and a loaf of bread straight from the oven.  The grandchildren each had a clementine for dessert.

This morning was greeted with rain that lasted all day.  No sunshine in the sky in any direction.  Most of the day was spent in front of the fireplace watching Love It or List It.  I talked with a friend for a while on the phone and my baby brother for just a flash. 

I guess I did try to accomplish something because I went through my master bath cupboards and drawers to declutter and reorganize.  There are things that I haven't used for the nearly three years since I've lived here, so out they went.  Mostly make up because I seldom wear it anymore.  If I go out I use blush and mascara.  That's the end of it these days.  When I worked every morning - five days a week - a full face makeup was done before I could even think about leaving the house.  Those days are gone and no longer do I need to spend time doing makeup.

Since we are again expecting rain tomorrow, the day will be spent in the comfort of home.  I so love to be home these days.  Home has always been where I liked to be, but life tended to get in the way until recently.

  Good night to my readers.  I wish you pleasant dreams and a safe day tomorrow.

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