Friday, January 30, 2015

How a Convection Oven Created a Cleaning Spree

This morning I woke up and hit the floor running.  I thought the kitchen counters and sink needed a really detailed cleaning.  Then the stove top got scrubbed.

All of this because the convection oven I bought came in and I had to find a spot for it.

Everything came off the counters and washed down.  Then the counters were happy to be cleansed with the home made vinegar cleaner and rinsed.  The final touch was a bit of Jubilee to protect the surfaces.  For those who have never heard of this product it's an old time product that was used until the early sixties to shine and protect Formica counter tops.  Just a dab on a cloth and applied in an 's' motion and the counters are protected from stains and light scratches.  If you may be interested in researching this product, here's the link to amazon's offering.  I am not affiliated with amazon or the company that produces Jubilee.  I just happen to like the product quite a bit. (It smells good, too)

With the counters cleaned and protected I figured out where to position the oven.  I moved things around a little to make room for it.  The jar I had powdered sugar in was put in the pantry and the utensil crock was moved where the sugar had been.  Not too much of an uproar to find a spot for the oven.

An up close shot of the oven.  It's not sleek and gorgeous, but it will save me quite a bit of
money on my electric bill.

I thought I would keep all of the appliances I used often in the same area.  I'm
loosing some work space because of the size of the oven, but I can
work on an area I seldom use that's on the right side of the sink.

The sink and drains got cleaned, as well.  I got out the baking soda and dish soap to clean and sterilize the sinks.  Spreading the baking soda around then adding a bit of dish soap to a damp cloth and scrubbing in circular motions works best for me.  I like a shiny and clean sink.  I got down into the drain area and the stoppers were scrubbed, too. 

Next the drains were cleaned out a bit.  Half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of warm vinegar will do the trick.  Pour in the baking soda and let sit for five to ten minutes.  Add the vinegar after the wait time is up and watch the foaming action clean the drains.  Some of the soda may clump so you may need to remove the clumps with a plastic utensil.  Once this is done, the drains will flow freely.  I know some people do this monthly.  I would be concerned the pipes wouldn't be able to take the pressure if the drains are cleaned this way too often.  I do it 3 times a year for that reason.  I have no proof, just a thought to be on the safe side.

The kitchen came with a flat cook top.  To say it would have been my last choice is to say I really have a difficult time accepting this appliance.  Just a bit of water over spill and a stain occurs.  They are extremely troublesome when it comes to cleaning them.  So far the easiest way I found to clean the top is by putting a large drop of dish soap in the palm of my hand then adding a couple of pinches of baking soda and mixing it with my finger.  Then I rub it - in a circular motion- on the burner area.  A quick wipe with a cloth and some boiling water finishes the job.  A microfiber cloth is a great tool to buff the top to a shine.  This sounds like a lot of fuss, but 1) it's frugal as the store bought cleaner can run as high as 12.00 and 2) keeping up with cleaning the top does not allow the stains to settle in to the point that they will be cooked on.  If you want to sell your house some day, a new stove would be a must have purchase to present the kitchen well.

A clean and shiny stove top.

The mixture was applied with my finger in a circular motion, then wiped off with a wrung out cloth.

THINGS I"M THANKFUL FOR (God, family, and friends are a given.)

The ability to keep my environment clean and organized.  I pray the day never comes that I will not be able to do this.

Small, local businesses that have a concern for their customers by producing healthy products.

My computer that keeps me connected with others.

Stay safe.

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