Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas, The Menu, and Reflection

Just two days before Christmas day.  How exciting!  The Italian cookies are made as well as the sugar cookies I got from Noreen's Kitchen video.  Because my hosting will be on Christmas Eve today is the day I will make the Italian ricotta cheese cake so it can set up in the refrigerator for a few hours.  The crust is made from graham crackers, but I didn't have regular ones so I crushed up the kiddie snacks that have chocolate in them.  It sounds like it will work because a person can't go wrong with chocolate filled grahams - can they?

I spent yesterday in the kitchen slicing and dicing veggies, finishing up the cookies and slicing cheese.  I also wrote down the menu and decided I needed an additional dish with substance.  The menu will be"

Meat tray
Macaroni salad
Veggie platter
Wine from my cousin's vineyard  ( award winning and goes down so dang easy)
You can check him out here:    http://rizzowinery.com/
Flavored ginger ale
Cheese and cracker plate
Ricotta cheese cake
Dorittos (for the kids)
Pickles from the garden
Russell Stover chocolates
Hot chocolate in Santa mugs
Jello with home made whipped cream
(Not necessarily in that order.)

44 cookies just before baking.  The remainder were cooked the next day which made the total 72.

The finished product.   Iced and sprinkles even the kiddos will be attracted to these.

The mess that was made after the cookies were done.

No one should go home hungry.  Some people will drink and their mates will drink soda as the designated driver.  The kids will paly (act nutty) in the loft and the adults will pretty much ignore any cries for help unless someone decides to hang over the railing.  I can lock all the doors on the second floor and let the grands be a bit free for a couple of hours.

Uncle J will read The Night Before Christmas to settle the kids in for the night just before everyone goes home for the night.  We are having a pajama party theme so everyone can fall into bed when they go home.

Before the activity begins I'll take a few minutes to reflect on the blessings I have and miss those family members that can't be with us.  Some day it would so nice for us all to be together on Christmas.  It would be a miracle if this ever happened, but I understand traveling 900 miles on Christmas is not an ideal situation for families.  We each want to feel the peace of the season and we do this best by being home. 

It's also a time I allow myself time to think about my husband.  I miss him every day, but so much so on Christmas.  I think of the Christmas that he super surprised me with my fist computer.  I cried I was so happy.  The poor man thought I was sad and hurried to tell me I could take it back if I didn't like it.  The only other time he was afraid I didn't want something was when we renewed our vows in front of the congregation - following mass - after 40 years of marriage.  He asked me if I loved him.  Didn't I want to renew?  Through water leaks I told him they were tears of happiness.

That he suggested we renew our vows was a gift from heaven because I'd asked him a number of times through the ten years prior to his passing and he would poo poo the thought.  This time he asked me.  He passed nine months later.  Do you see why I can't stop loving this man.  I know it's suppose to be until death do us part, but I guess I'm like a puppy (a cute one, of course) my loyalties will always be with this man.  And so to you my love, I offer a blessed Christmas.  Save a spot for me and don't forget to pray for us while you have a good seat near the throne of God.

Merry Christmas to all my readers.  You are a part of my life now.  God bless you all and may all you endeavor to accomplish in the new year be blessed.

Stay safe.


The start of the pierogies for Christmas dinner.

Pierogie dough rolled out.  Not too think or they will be too gummy.

The potato filling placed in the middle.

The finished product before they went into the freezer.


  1. Yummy! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! <3<3<3

  2. Thank you Re Re. I wish you a Merry Christmas, too. May your DREAMS be nice.