Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An After Christmas Shopping Haul, Apples Included

Monday was a rainy and dismal day.  The kind of day that's screaming fireplace and blanket.  The sun was sleeping behind total cloud cover and the rain was cold.  The perfect day, I decided, to stay home.  Something kept nagging at me to get a few groceries because we are expected to get some nasty (nastier) weather by Wednesday.  Reluctantly I got dressed and ventured out the door.  Thinking I could kill a few birds with one stone (as long as I was out) I first went to the mall which was just across the road from the grocery store.  The car had barely warmed up on the five minute drive to a prime shopping area. 

My first stop was at Dillards for a tree skirt at the customary 50% off after Christmas.  Being aware that on January first that same tree skirt will be 70% off, I bought it anyway.  I won't be at Dillards on January first.  I'm told that particular day is worse than Black Friday at Wal Mart.  I also found a few ornaments for the tree for next year.  It was a satisfying visit.

At $3.00 each I thought these tree ornaments were a good price.  I bought three of them.

You know muted colors are my favorite, but the small touch of red adds interest to the new tree skirt.

Off to Macy's with a 20% off coupon for new towels in the master bath.  Suddenly the master bath was gloomy and colorless.  I'm not one for a lot of color surrounding me, but this was ridiculous.  Macy's had towels for 9.99 - original price was 18.00 for the bath size.  So coupon in hand I paid 8.00 for bath towels and even less for hand towels and wash cloths.

The color isn't too bright on these purple towels, but lots better than the really light blue that were there before.  I'm not sure if I like the flower there, but I thought I'd try it to see if it's a keeper.

Since I was in the mall a visit to Bath and Body Works was on the agenda.  I had a gift card that I would forget about if I didn't use it.  It was only for a little more than $13.00, but I thought I could get quite a lot since they had a 70% off sale on quite a few items.  I hit the jackpot and paid $1.36 out of pocket for 4 sprays that were well overpriced with an original cost of $14.00.

Cinnamon pumpkin makes the house smell nice in the dead of winter.

Satisfied with my accusations, off to the strip mall across the street for groceries.  Intentions were good to go directly to the grocery.  Pier One was calling my name so an ignored response would be rude.  More great bargains here.  I got place card holders for a 90% reduction in cost.  How do they do that? 

How pretty are these place card holders?  The place cards are supplied, too.
I detect a give away coming up.

Finally the grocery store was in view.  Harris Teeter it is.  Even though this is the local hoity toity grocery store they sometimes have fresh fruits and veggies on clearance at ridiculously low prices.  It's a gamble, but well worth it.

Monday was the day to gamble.  They had organic apples (originally $4.99 a pound) on the cart for - get this - .50 a pound.  Eureka!  The produce guy packed up 15 apples for me at a total cost of about $4.70.

All I can say is, "Yummo!"

This afternoon will be an apple preparing party.  Two pies, a crisp and a few dehydrated apple slices are in the works.  Gosh, I love a deal.  Especially a food deal!

Have you been shopping the after Christmas sales?  Have you found any real great deals?  I'd love to hear from you in the comment section.

Stay safe.

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