Thursday, October 23, 2014

Motivation to Purge

Part of my morning routine is checking out my favorite yoo toob channels.  It's relaxing to sit with a cup of coffee and check out what women are doing across the globe.  It's relaxing until I find one that's motivating.  I found motivation this morning.  The vlogger was discussing counter tops and she has found keeping her counters clear of appliances, mail, and dish washing items makes her feel better.  You know I am the same way, but one little sentence got me off my butt and checking out my cupboards. 

The vlogger said clean out the cupboards to make space.  Dispose of items you no longer need or use.  There it was.  As I have said in the recent past, I've been here 2.5 years.  You wouldn't think I have had time to collect extra 'stuff'.  But I have.  Until I could get a dish set, I bought four $2.00 salad dishes at a local department store.  I was gifted two cups from my daughter, as well.  I haven't used these items since daughter number two gave me a set of dishes.  The only thing missing from the set was 3 cereal bowls.  Since soup bowls came with the set, I don't need the three bowls.  Out to a charity shop they go.  Same thing goes for the bowls I bought (This store has great clearance sales.)

All of these items are in great condition, but I don't need them.  I like to think another family could benefit from their use.

Do you like to donate items you no longer use?  How much cupboard space do you have?  When we move into a house the space seems more than we need.  Then, before you know it,  we're scrambling for space to get items out of sight.

This week's donations to the charity shop.  I bet someone will pick up the large coffee mug to create a Christmas gift.


By emptying this top shelf, I made more room in the cupboard that holds my bowl sets and storage containers. (below)

I don;t have a large family living with me any longer, so I don't need as many items as I use to.  When they come over for dinner I improvise where I need to.

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  1. As you know, I've been working at purging all through the house, and actually started in the kitchen. I feed six adults every week. My needs probably differ from others. At the same time, I had to much stuff taking up precious cabinet space that wasn't used enough to justify keeping it. Things like a rice steamer, quesadila maker, and even my bread machine (which, because of our outlets, was only used to mix and knead the dough). I had too many mismatched baking/casserole dishes. I still have too many pie plates. Hmmm...