Thursday, October 2, 2014

It Was a Good Day

The sun is a promise of a good day here in the South.  The sun makes me feel good and healthy.  A few minutes under it's gleam and I'm good to go for the day.

Yesterday was a catch up day.  There were little things I had to complete.  I had previously dried some herbs, but never ground them, so that was done yesterday.  A few phone calls that I've been putting off were made, too.  Then I had to attend to the 5 peppers that came off my garden plants.   I decided to dry those as well.  So into a pot of boiling water they went to soften them and onto three trays in the dehydrator.  I added the last of the parsley to another tray and had one tray of celery.  These items will be used during the winter months to make soups and stews as a quick meal.

This is the start of the peppers after they were washed and sliced, but before they met the heat of a pot of boiling water.


The parsley was very green.  This is the last of the current plants.  I have more planted in the winter garden from last season's seeds.  They are slow to grow, but are just now breaking ground.

The peppers, celery and parsley ready to meet the dehydrator.  It makes for yummy meals during the cold winter.

Off to two grocery stores where I got free Ball Park hot dogs and had two 1.00 coupons that doubled (Wednesdays only) for cheap food.  Well, cheaper food as the prices are steadily climbing here.  One sure thing is price increases.  I have definitely been limiting the amount of meat I eat and replace the protein food with eggs, cheese, milk, tuna, and nuts  I find I like these things better, so not a big change for me.

One of the coupons was for the 'new' noodles that are already broken up to fit the pot.  The final cost was .59 cents for each box.  The coupon as 1.00 off two boxes.  The flour was a bit more at a final cost of 2.49 for 5 pounds.

The day ended with an invitation to my daughter's for dinner.  My son in law (who is a chef) made delicious fried chicken.  After eating two pieces, I brought one home for tonight's  dinner.

This is a new day and time to get started with today's tasks.  Enjoy your day and stay safe.


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