Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Friendship Circle is a Blessing (A story of Friendships)

I have been blessed with a good friend that lives 3000 miles away.  Another blessing is a friend two states north of me.  Our friendships have endured for four years to date.  I pray they last until the end of time.   I communicate with each of these ladies nearly every day.  The communication began at a time when I was widowed and so needed the companionship.

Even with shipping costs on the rise we sporadically mail each other packages of goodies.  The goodies could be anything we find precious to each of us.  The boxes could be filled with home grown herbs or oatmeal.  Whatever the item, we try to pack in as close to the seventy pound limit of priority mail that we can.  It's just a little side game we play and laugh about.

I just received a package from my 3000 mile friend.  In it was oatmeal, walnuts, and white chocolate chips for baking.  I would like to focus on the walnuts.  Here's why:

My friend cooks meals for her elderly neighbors.  They provide veggies free of charge from a coop and she provides the meals and proteins.  The neighbors' son wanted to show his gratitude for her compassion and picked walnuts from his backyard tree, shelled them and presented them as a gift to her.  She graciously accepted them, even though her family does not eat walnuts.  But I do!  It is one of the foods I eat on a regular basis to enhance my intake of proteins.  So in a box that was addressed to me they went.  The arrival day of the more than four pounds of walnuts was Thursday of last week.  I felt very blessed as I vacuumed packed them wondering if my friend would care if I shared them.  After all such a blessing is meant to be shared.  She loved the idea.  So a one pound pack will go to our friend two states away.  The friendship circle of giving is complete.  It is good.  I love it.  Sharing is one of my greatest joys.  In return -although we don't consider counting a priority - the 3000 mile lady will receive basil from my garden.  Lots of it.  Basil does not grow well where she lives and she is excited because it's her favorite herb. 

My two state away friend sends me things that are exciting to me, too.  As we are both Catholic -and she is a retired teacher that taught religion in a private school - she sends me things that she knows enhances my life.  This information is what makes the circle of friendship complete, as well, because I share it with others and that includes the 3000 mile friend.

With such good relationships in my life, you can see why I am pleased with my simple life.  I have been blessed with everything a girl could ask for.

Walnuts that weigh in at well over 4 pounds are meant to be shared.  Fresh from a tree they taste scrumptious.


  1. I am SO blessed in so many ways... not only with our friendship, but also with amazing neighbors who provide more non-meat food every week than I could possibly use up, feeding SIX adults. LOL! It's honestly a story of loaves and fishes. My belief if that blessings ought to be shared. My guys here are spoiled. They don't want oatmeal or walnuts. Our neighbor, Bill, hates oatmeal, and his wife, Edna, can't eat nuts. Being gifted with so many pounds of fresh-from-the-tree bounty, it's only right they go to anyone who'll enjoy them! And besides... homemade goodness shows love more than any store-bought treats a person could buy. Don't you think? I'm guessing banana nut bread, pumpkin nut bread, walnut-crusted, roasted pork or lamb and more! :-D

  2. You know I'll be baking up a storm. No yeast breads though!