Monday, October 27, 2014

Dollar Tree Haul

I had a good time checking out all of the new items in one of our local Dollar Tree stores this morning.  Dollar Tree headquarters are just about two miles from my home so this area has numerous stores.  Some are bigger than others and some of them have items (the bigger stores) that others don't have.

Today I got a few things that I have been not considering a need, such as the pot scrubbies.  I have made my own from onion bags for close to eleven years.  The changes made in the onion bag construction had me looking into investing a dollar in ready made ones.

Some people would consider me being foolish because it's only a dollar I saved.  Yes, that's true.  But a dollar was saved six times a year for eleven years. I saved -on just that one frugal hack - sixty six dollars.  Add on using a pan to cover items in the oven for those years and the savings increase from $66.00 to $313.00 for eleven years.  I have saved untold hundreds or even thousands of dollars using frugal hacks.  Not including coupons and sales. 

That's how it works.  You wake up one morning and you have enough saved to pay off a bill.  When all the bills are paid off, you can experience freedom.  It doesn't matter how long it takes because you will be living each of those days anyway.  Choosing to get a handle on finances is an extra bonus during that time.  I think it comes down to daily small choices that add up to big savings.  It can't be done in a day or two.  Or even a week or two.  It takes a long term commitment.  It is well worth the commitment, for sure.

Today's Haul:

Chopping mats.  I plan on cutting these down to fit the drawers in the refrigerator.  They can be easily removed for cleaning in hot soapy water.

Honey Maid graham cookies for the grands when they visit.

Cobblestone rye bread.  This is easily 3.69 in the grocery stores.

Fabric refresher.  I've used this before and it works just as well as the name brand.  I make my own room sprays for a nice cozy smell in the house.

Epson salts for the garden.

Cough drops



Parchment paper

Pot scrubbies (3)

York peppermint patties

Of these items I would consider the fabric freshener, cough drops, razors, Epson salts, and bread essential.  The additional items are personal choices that I wanted. 

What are your favorite items from the dollar store?  Don't you just love this store?


  1. I absolutely LOVE our Dollar Tree! There are items I only buy there, such as (yet not limited to):
    all types of pasta
    corn or flour tortillas
    herbs and seasonings
    onion soup mix
    dry and canned beans
    spaghetti sauce (when I don't make my own)
    catsup, mustard, steak sauce and Worcestershire sauce
    liquid dish soap
    liquid hand soap--great, btw, for hand washing delicates
    greeting cards at 2/$1
    garden seeds at 4/$1
    gift wrap and gift bags
    mailing/package tape
    Swiffer-type wipes
    kitchen sponges
    sandwich bags
    pens and paper
    artificial flowers
    footie socks for myself--they always have seasonal choices
    pot holders, kitchen utensils, etc.
    kitchen towels
    "gladware" or "tupperware" type containers
    shampoo for the guys
    toothpaste and toothbrushes
    kitchen trash bags
    brown paper lunch bags
    party supplies
    seasonal decorations
    hardcover books
    brushes and combs
    liquid bleach

  2. I know!!! Gotta love the dollar stores!