Monday, September 15, 2014

This Week's Accomplishments

This week flew by.  We had hot weather, nice weather, and rainy weather.  I have quite a bit on my list of things to do, but I didn't accomplish all of them.  What I did accomplish is:

1.  Cut the grass.
2.  Put together a leaf blower and cleaned up the patio blowing the leaves into the raised beds.
3.  Cleaned the bird bath and outdoor furniture.
4.  Made beef stock - a big pot of it.  I need to grab some jars from my daughter's house to can it.
5.  Dried parsley and basil.  It was time to pull the basil plant, so I did that.  The parsley is still going strong.
6.  Went to Sam's and bought pistachios, t paper, and kleenix.  I won't need those things all winter long.
7.  Measured three cups of blackberries and put them in food saver bags.  I only got 30 berries last year (first year) so I was happy the bush put out more this year.  Hopefully, I will get enough next year to make a batch of jelly.
8.  Pulled out the second tomato plant and wrapped the green tomatoes in newspaper to ripen.  I'll end up with about 4 to 5 cups of tomatoes.  Not enough for a large pot of sauce.  I plan on buying some romas at the grocery this week at .99 cents a pound to add to what I have grown.
9  Washed the bedding.  There's nothing like climbing into a bed with fresh smelling sheets on it.  One of life's little pleasures.
10.  Decorated for fall.  A work in progress.
11.  Purchased a couple of fall items.

I thought I was lazy this week, but it looks like I did accomplish some things.  What filled your week? 

Stay safe. 

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