Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Price We Pay For The Comfort We Need

I'm still on a quest to find two quart jars for the pantry.  Amazon has them, six in a box, for $10.84.  The price is OK, but the prime shipping is not available.  I'm not paying for prime shipping and extra shipping.  So Amazon has lost the sale.

My friend got hers at Wal Mart.  My Wal Mart doesn't carry them.  I don't think I live in an area where canning is a priority.  The supplies are very limited here.  I have two more choices that I need to look into.  Walmart dot com and Lowe's or Home Depot.  I'll have to put this quest on hold until we get back from the wedding up north.  I'll just keep at it until I find what I need at a price I want to pay.

I always set a price for what I want.  Call me stubborn, but there are so many ways we can part with our money.  If I have to part with it (or choose to) it will be on my terms.  Everything in my home has been bought on sale, at a thrift store, is a memory from my husband or children, or given to me as a gift.  As my girlfriend would say, everything in my home is deliberate.  It took me 2 years to furnish my home.  I went without comfort until I found what I wanted at a price I wanted to pay.  All the major furniture pieces were made in this country - North Carolina to be exact. 


One of a pair of matching chairs in the living room straight from North Carolina.  Since I live 10 minutes from the border the cost is not as high as it would be in other parts of the country.  The side table is from TJ Maxx.  What can I say?  The price was right!  The picture on the lower shelf is the one of 'grandpop' that the baby loves to kiss. 

The feathers from my son's first pheasant.  I hung them on the TV cabinet so they were visible.  I can't remember
how old he was, but he was in elementary school.  He participated in a hunting safety course at
the time.
A friend sent me the cross that sits by the front door.  You can take the girl out of Catholic, but never the
Catholic out of the girl.

My mother in law gave me this set of working women many years ago.  They are from her early years
as a wife and mom.  I think of her often - whenever I see the set.

I guess it comes down to personality.  The items we cherish can be as individual as we are.  Just go for a comfortable and stable environment.  You can't go wrong when you are surrounded by memories of loved ones.  All at good price, of course.

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