Monday, June 30, 2014

Down the Lane, in Multiple Directions

I think I'll just start posting today to see what comes of it.  I really don't have a single thought to focus on.

I'm getting ready to travel for our son's wedding.  My energy is back and I've cleaned out the refrigerator, started washing the bed linens, and started packing.  My pup will go to a kennel, which she has been to before.  I miss her when I'm away, but I love it when she sees me when I return and is so excited she can barely contain herself.  She loves me.  Even though she's a dog, I need that love.  Everyone needs to feel someone loves them.  I'm lucky in that department, my family loves me - a bunch.  They like when I'm around and hold conversations with me that make me feel that I'm still able to contribute to society.

Family is top priority.  Even if there's just one person left in your family, it is important for a person's well being to stay connected in any way possible.  That's why I stay on Facebook.  I don't say much, just post cute pictures, but I get to see and hear what my nieces and nephews are doing.  They share pictures of their children that I will most likely never meet, but can create a relationship with in my heart.  I pray for them each morning and am happy to see their little bodies and minds growing strong and able.  I fall in love with the grandchildren I only see once a year, too.  They are all so beautiful and delightful.  In short, I'm in love with my family. 

There are times I wish my husband was still here to see how wonderful everyone is doing.  I really miss that man.  Somehow, I have a feeling he does see them all.  That when they need it he is right there, by their side.  Which brings me to our grand daughter.  She's a year and a half old now.  But, from the time she was just able to sit up she would go to his picture in the living room and kiss it.  One of her first words was 'grandpop'.  It has become her ritual when she visits to kiss his picture and give it to me and her mother to kiss.  It's as if he met her before we did.  Something to think about.

I see I have traveled down a number of paths in this post.  Sharing with you makes me happy.  I hope you are all well.  Show a kindness to your loved ones today.  Tomorrow may be too late.