Friday, July 11, 2014

I Had Loads of Fun, But Home is a Good Place to be,too

I'm back from the wedding and our trip to New England to visit my son in law's dad.  What a whirl wind week we had!  So much fun and a bit of emotion thrown in there as well.

The wedding was perfect with everyone having a good time.  There was a playground on the grounds so even the little ones had a blast.  I found it amazing that my 4 year old grandson, who has a difficult time doing what his mom asks, was being led around by a 4 year old girl he never met.  Whatever she wanted he did.  At least until he got tired of it.  Then I once saw her trying to physically drag him to do her bidding.  He was having none of it.

I saw family I have missed for 4 years and met new members I have only interacted with on Facebook.  It was so good to see them and find they were all doing well.  Strong, healthy, and prosperous. 

My son gave me a gift.  He wore his dad's ID bracelet only to hand it over to me as a gift.  This is not just any bracelet, it was the one his grandfather gave to his dad and he gave to me.  I wore it with my dress and loved it.  The only other jewelry I wore was given to me by my husband the Christmas before he passed.  A most delicate gold filigree necklace.  The bracelet was a heavy silver.  I didn't care much that they didn't match.  I only cared that the men in my life were represented.

There are now two Mrs. Robert D's walking this earth. 

The trip to New England ended at the cozy cape cod home of my son in law's dad.  He's always a gracious host and welcomed us with opened arms and a ton of food.  The following night  after we arrived most of his family came to visit for a cook out.  Lots of conversation and interaction.  More fun to see families happy to see one another.

We took the kids to see the duck farm and feed the peacocks.  It's not my fault they have an ice cream stand there for the kids.  Yum.

The last adventure before we headed home was to Atkins Farm.  This place is like heaven on earth.  Raw honey, heavenly fudge, local syrup and olive oil from Italy.  The gift section had Polish pottery and Burt's Bees hand cream.  Together - in the same area.  The bakery smells were pulling me to the back of the store.  Yummy, apple pie.  Not mine, but good non the less.

This is the only place I spent any money.  I bought raw honey, maple syrup, olive oil, and tea.  Everything cost more than I would consider frugal, but all of the items were fresh and straight from the garden.

I forgot to mention the hotel we stayed in - Hampton Inn.  I was so comfortable there.  It was spotless in every corner.  The lobby windows were washed every morning.  The floors were cleaned too.  The 'continental' breakfast was so much more.  There was fresh fruit, oatmeal, waffles, eggs, sausage, cereal, three juices, coffees, hot chocolate, milk, and bagels.  Since I have a difficult time with most restaurant foods they packed me a bag for the road with fruit, water, and a muffin.  Even after I told them I ate breakfast there. 

The front desk was staffed with bright and social staff.  The pool was warm and clean and the hot tub was divine on these old bones of mine.  We will never stay at any other hotel again when we travel if all of the Hampton Inns are like this one.

There it is.  Our adventure.  I must say even though we had such a good time, there is no place like home.  Even the thunder storms have a sound of their own here.  Thank you all for making our trip so pleasurable.

PS  Brandy S. - it was so nice to meet you.

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  1. Glad you're safely home. You've been missed. :-) Sounds like you had a very special, wonderful time! Congratulations again to your son. Oh, and... the honey from that area is worth every penny. LOL!